Magic Touch Screen Gloves for Smartphones | 7 Colors

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Jllanglois Jan 15, 2013
Just got some, lets see how they are. BestBuy was $14.99
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jkbane Jan 15, 2013
i want ones for big hands :-)
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blackfoot Jan 14, 2013
Great price fr these gloves, probably the lowest I've seen.
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xptrish Jan 14, 2013
magic touch or not either way a good deal for gloves.
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seanvcxz Jan 14, 2013
I'm buying these gloves for my wife. She was actually just talking about how she wanted a pair of these before Christmas, but I couldn't find a good deal on them. I'm not passing this one up!
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Nellysg Jan 14, 2013
Great deal on these gloves thanks!
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praveensapkota Jan 14, 2013
this is good used in browsing my iphone, nice sale
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austin38 Jan 14, 2013
Wow I definitely need these! I hate taking off my gloves in the freezing cold to use my phone..
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mikhaila Jan 14, 2013
Has anyone ever used these? I've been curious.oh well they are cheap now I will just buy them. Worst case scenario if they don't work I'll just have a nice pair of gloves.
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chuckydealpl Jan 14, 2013
nice choice of colors and good price
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rockinnrolla Jan 14, 2013
These could really come in handy! Great price! :D
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YesBoss Jan 14, 2013
Nice Find, Looks Like Very Good Price For Magic Gloves .
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helloamy1977 Jan 14, 2013
My picture changed. Thats funny
branie Jan 14, 2013
I just got a two pack of these gloves at Kohls, I have yet to try them while using my phone. Hopefully they work..It is 54 out today so gloves are the last thing on my mind.
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helloamy1977 Jan 14, 2013
Yes Im in upstate ny the weather for the past few days has been pretty nice. I know the cold is going to hit us hard soon.
Jazmine_ilene Jan 14, 2013
awesome deal on these gloves. Perfect price to buy more than one pair =) nice find
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dealio23 Jan 14, 2013
This looks like a great deal on texting gloves. I really hate having to freeze my fingers off trying to use my phone!
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helloamy1977 Jan 14, 2013
yes or you take them off to text and put them down somewhere and forget about them
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MrBklynW Jan 13, 2013
awesome price, cheapest i've seen for touchscreen gloves. nice find
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rd995 Jan 13, 2013
this gloves are perfect for people that live up north other pairs of gloves might cost as much but wont let you text on touch screens
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supercouponingmo Jan 13, 2013
I have been looking for a good deal on these :)
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