SOHO 4 positions carrier with hood (2 colors)

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tpark6283 May 07, 2012
Wow...what an awesome price! I loved mine and it was nowhere near this price! Nice find.
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shimisi May 07, 2012
Interesting-- works in 4 positions. Only 5 left in stock. Order soon!
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mikhaila May 07, 2012
Wow this is awesome! It comes with a hood? Get outta here!!this is exactly what I need.ihate having to put a blanket over my daughters head on chilly days when I wear my carrier. Hopefully it'll stillness the same price next week! Great find
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poe601 May 07, 2012
Great to have, see many parents with these and I know the one my daughter got was almost triple this price.
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praveensapkota May 06, 2012
Great gift for parents of newly born baby..
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blackfoot May 06, 2012
Nice price for an infant carrier, Wonderful shower git.
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ilene285 May 06, 2012
Great deal for an infant carrier.
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dvinegrace83 May 06, 2012
these in general make life so much easier when you're a parent. not just for going out, but for around the house. i prefer the wrap-style, like moby, but these are so much easier to put on when you're out and about. i know the dads prefer these kinds too.
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heyimdennise May 06, 2012
I loved using this when my daughter was a newborn! great price!! :)
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teddbag May 06, 2012
I will take 1 pcs of this very soon,
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vimalr May 06, 2012
I would be needing one of this.
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glwrks May 06, 2012
New baby, vimair? Congrats!
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gangstabarbie May 06, 2012
It's baby time!! J.k :) good price for baby holder
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rockinnrolla May 06, 2012
I used one of these with my daughter and I LOVED it! I used it alot when we went shopping. Super price!
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EzzyLovesToSave May 06, 2012
Hey, glwrks! (aka G-2-B)...get one for your daughter-in-law's baby shower!
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FibroMom May 06, 2012
GREAT PRICE! My Daughters paid a FORTUNE for these when their babies were born! They loved them and agreed that they are Essential for New Moms AND Dads! Nice Find! :)
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ArtemisDeals May 06, 2012
Awesome! I have been looking for one of these :) Skaro964 Thanks for the heads up :)
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glwrks May 06, 2012
You're welcome;) I lived in one for a few years... fortunate to be able to wear my kids to work even! My oldest could break a $20 dollar bill @ 3 years old. (nothing I tried to teach, he was just watching) Beyond a Mom getting stuff done, I think babies/kids learn a lot from being up @ adult height:)
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skaro964 May 06, 2012
These are a must have for all new moms if you want to get anything at all done around the house. I would pair it with a raw silk shirt to hide the spit-up that will happen.
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