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Making Money on Dealsplus

With our new Money Makers Program, we've made it easy for you to earn cash by simply posting and updating deals and coupons on Dealsplus! Read on to learn more ...

What is the Money Makers Program?

Like many websites, Dealsplus makes money by displaying advertisements. We need some of that money to keep Dealsplus up and running, but as a little thank you, we are now sharing a piece of our earnings with you! How? Well, with the Money Makers Program, we reward you for posting and updating deals and coupons based on the number of views your posts receive.

How do I make money by posting and updating deals and coupons?

The Money Makers Program allows you to earn money when people view 1.) deals you've posted, 2.) deals you've updated, or 3.) coupons you've posted. In order to determine your earnings, we use CPM, which stands for "cost per thousand impressions." That means we will pay you a specified amount for every 1,000 views your post or update receives. Read on for more details ...

  1. Post a deal: We will pay you $3 for every 1,000 views your deal post receives. Every time a user follows a link to your deal post from Dealsplus, Dealsplus daily emails, or any other place where you've shared the link to your offer, it will be counted as a view.

  2. Update a deal: Once we have approved your deal update, we will pay you $1.50 for every 1,000 views the updated deal post receives. We will also give $1.50 per 1,000 views to the original poster, or in some cases the user who last edited the deal prior to your update.

  3. Post a coupon: We will pay you $3 for every 1,000 views your coupon receives, until you reach $30. $30 is the maximum payment you can receive for any one coupon.
  4. In the case of coupons, there are two actions that qualify as views. Any time someone clicks on your coupon code, "Redeem Offer," or the link to your printable coupon, we will count it as one view. When a user clicks on your specific coupon (and not just the store page where it's displayed) from the Dealsplus Coupon page, Today's Top Coupons, a daily Dealsplus email, or any place where you've shared a link to your coupon, we will also count it as a view.

    Keep in mind that once you join the Money Makers Program, you will begin earning money on all deals, deal updates, and coupons that you have shared on Dealsplus in the past year. Just like with new posts, a year from the day each deal, deal update, or coupon was shared, you will stop earning money on it.

How much money do I make?

Below is the current Money Makers payment list:

  • Deal post: $3.00/1,000 views
  • Coupon post: $3.00/1,000 views
  • Deal update: $1.50/1,000 views

(Please keep in mind that these rates may change without notice)

How do I make money by posting Lists?

The Money Makers Program now allows you to earn money when people view your Lists & Reviews. You’ll earn money for every word written in your reviews as well as a certain amount of money for every view your list gets on the site. Here are the earning breakdowns in more detail...

  1. Earn $0.01 per word for every review (max earnings of $1.50 per review)
  2. You can earn money on a max of 5 reviews a day (one review per store)
  3. You'll also earn $3 for every 1000 impressions your lists get (just like deals and coupons)

We ask that you refrain from simply copying and pasting reviews or any other material from other websites. If we find that you are plagiarizing content from other sources, we will be forced to suspend your Money Makers account for an extended period of time. Also, please remember to keep your reviews honest. Whether they are positive or negative, your reviews should be informative and interesting. If you haven't shopped at a store (online or in-store) please do not review it.

How long do I make money off my coupon post?

You will earn $3.00/1,000 views until either your coupon expires or a year has passed. Unlike with expired deals, you will not make money on expired coupons.

How long do I make money off my deal post?

If you post a new deal that is not a duplicate, you will earn $3.00/1,000 views until another user updates your deal and is approved by a Dealsplus moderator to start sharing earnings. Once that user has been approved, the deal will be updated and you will each earn $1.50/1,000 views. However, once a second update is made by yet another user, from that point on only the two most recent updaters will continue to earn $1.50/1,000 views, and the original poster will no longer make money off the post.

After a year, if your deal has not been updated or you are still sharing earnings with another user, you will stop earning money on that deal.

Will I keep making money off my deal once it expires?

Yes, initially. But once your deal is updated, you will begin sharing earnings. And once it has been updated twice or a year has passed, you will no longer make money.

How long do I make money off my deal update?

Once a user makes an additional change to your updated deal and is approved by a moderator, you will begin sharing earnings with that user and continue to earn $1.50/1,000 views. Once a second change is made to your updated deal by yet another user or a year has passed, you will no longer make money off the post.

I updated a deal, but I was not approved to share earnings. Why is that?

In order to be approved to share earnings, your update needs to be both correct and valuable. Ultimately, a Dealsplus moderator will determine if your update qualifies you to share earnings, but below are some general guidelines regarding update approval:

  • Updates likely to be approved:
  • Significant price drop
  • Addition of a coupon code
  • Addition of mail-in rebate
  • Addition of significant shipping fee
  • Marked as unexpired

  • Updates unlikely to be approved:
  • Significant price increase
  • Change in title or description
  • Addition of free or standard shipping fee
  • Addition of expiration date
  • Marked as expired

Please keep in mind that we greatly appreciate any helpful updates you share with us, and that all correct changes will be made regardless of whether you are approved for earnings sharing or not.

I got a "Duplicate Deal" message when I tried to share my deal. What should I do?

If the deal information displayed beneath the message is identical to the deal you're trying to submit, then unfortunately, someone has beat you to it. However, if the product is identical but the information displayed is no longer correct, then you can choose to "Edit the deal below" and update the deal. If your update is correct and valuable, you are likely to be approved for revenue sharing.

Please keep in mind that if you choose to "Continue anyway" and submit a duplicate deal, your deal will be erased and you will not be eligible for revenue sharing.

How can I increase the amount of money I make on Dealsplus?

  1. Post the best deals you can find! The better your posts, the more likely users are to click them, and the more likely they are to end up on the front page. A good update, like a major price drop or a new coupon code, is also likely to grab users' attention.
  2. Post great coupons! Unlike with deals, there are two ways to earn coupon views, making it even easier to rack up cash. Also keep in mind that we will include the best coupons in our coupon alert email that's sent to users daily.
  3. Don't forget about search engines! To see the most significant increase in your pageviews and earnings, you want your deal to appear in search engine results. While there is no perfect formula for achieving this, you can increase your chances by posting unique and useful deals, with clear and informative titles.

How do I receive my Money Makers payments?

At the end of each month, we will calculate your total Money Makers earnings. If you have made $25 or more since your last payment, we will deposit your earnings into your PayPal account. If you have not yet made $25, we will hold your earnings until the next pay period during which you have accumulated $25 or more. Please keep in mind that it may take up to 30 days for the deposit to appear in your account. Also note that if you make over $600 for the year, you'll need to send a W-9 to or fax it to (609) 543-0968, also note that if you earn more than $600, you will receive a 1099 from Dealsplus and the IRS will receive corresponding documentation.

In order to receive your payments, you'll need to create a PayPal account if you don't already have one. If you do have an account, simply sign in from the Money Makers home page.

How do I donate my Money Makers earnings to charity?

Visit the Money Makers dashboard and below the PayPal logo you'll see a link that reads "donate your earnings." Click on the link and you'll be directed to a page displaying our current chosen charity, where you can choose to begin donating your earnings. Also, keep in mind that Dealsplus will match all donations made by Money Makers!

How do I track my Money Makers stats and payments?

Just click on "Money Makers" in the Dealsplus header, and you can view a complete list of your deals, deal updates, coupons, along with their corresponding pageviews and your earnings. At the very top of the page, you can also view a summary of your earnings this month.


Please keep in mind that Money Makers Program terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. We will do our best to alert you of important changes.

Money Makers Program Terms & Conditions

The Money Makers Program is our way of thanking you for being a valuable member of the Dealsplus community. We ask that you please do not take advantage of this exciting new program, and that you follow the rules detailed below as well as in the Dealsplus Terms of Service.

Participants of the Money Makers Program must be U.S. residents who are 16 years of age or older and who must be legally authorized to work in the U.S. and receive a 1099. Participants may not promote themselves or our competitors here on Dealsplus, nor are they permitted to promote Dealsplus on our competitors' sites. In addition, participants may not intentionally click Money Makers offers with the goal of increasing revenue for themselves or someone else.

Dealsplus makes no guarantee regarding the number of impressions or clicks or the accuracy of the impression or click accounting on any of your posts. In addition, Dealsplus does not guarantee that the Money Makers Program will be functional at all times or during any down time caused by outages to any public or private Internet backbones, networks or servers; any failures of your equipment, systems or local access services; previously scheduled maintenance; or events beyond Dealsplus control such as strikes, riots, fires, explosions, war, governmental action, labor conditions, natural disasters, or interruptions in Internet services to an area where Dealsplus or your servers are located or co-located. Moreover, Dealsplus maintains the right to cancel, or pause the program at any time and for any reason without compensation to you.

If Dealsplus suspects that there may be irregularities with respect to your Money Maker account, the account of another or any coupon or deal promotion that you have posted, Dealsplus may require you to provide additional information before Dealsplus will make payment to you. If you fail to provide Dealsplus with information satisfactory to Dealsplus or if Dealsplus determines that you may have violated the terms and conditions of Dealsplus or the Money Makers Program, Dealsplus may, in its sole discretion, terminate your account, reduce your account balance to zero or refuse payment to you, without compensation.