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Q: Buying and returning? Price matching?

Don't you guys think that local retailers should price match to online stores? I mean for example, I buy a great game that is on sale on Amazon for $25 but say it takes them 5-7 days for them to ship here. I can't wait for that 5-7 days so I decide to buy the very same game (for retail- $60) at a local best buy. I play it until the game that I bought from Amazon comes so I can return the same game to best buy. I know it sounds a little bit unethical but nothing compare to abusing Walmart's return policy (lets not go there). What do you guys think about this buying and returning process?
TOTOOO posted Nov 16, 2010
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The part about buying a game at Best Buy and using it then returning it will not work. You can't return opened software and games. Here is their return policy

Non-Returnable Items

* Labor, delivery and/or installation services
* Pre-paid cards (e.g., music, photo, video or phone cards)
* Digital content (e.g. music downloads from Napster)
* Pitch In™ Card contributions
* Consumable items such as food, drink and batteries
* Items that have been damaged through customer use or abuse
* Etched or otherwise personalized items
* Non-defective, opened computer software, movies, music and video games
jamesjr55 (rep: 21.6k) posted Nov 16, 2010
oops...I think I made a typo. I meant buying the same game at BOTH amazon and bestbuy. Play the game at bestbuy and when the Amazon game comes return it at best buy.
TOTOOO (rep: 46.6k) posted Nov 16, 2010
See what you mean. Not sure if you will be able to return a game bought from Amazon to Best Buy to get a refund. I remember a Cops episode where a shop lifter was caught with a carton of cigarettes. The store owner was able to look at the numbers on the box and tell it was from his store. Not sure if Best Buy can look at the game and tell by the bar code that it was sold at another store.
jamesjr55 (rep: 21.6k) posted Nov 16, 2010
I've done it before and it works. The only problem this is with big purchases like a HDTV or a laptop. For big items like those they usually copy down the serial number and track it from there. They will definitely reject a return with different serial number.

As for the games, they don't have its any serial number or anything, the barcodes are all the same. I've done this several times and it works. I was just hoping I wasn't the only one out there that does it.
TOTOOO (rep: 46.6k) posted Nov 16, 2010
Price Matching is great. Wish that Amazon still respected the price match policy. It has become extinct as of last year unfortunately. As for playing games and returning them. I got a better idea. If you have an .edu address is giving away 1 year prime memberships for free instead of paying the $79. Which basically means that you get everything shipped to you 2nd day. Comes in handy especially for pre-release which you get the same day it comes out via the Prime membership policy. Plus you get up to 5 memberships that you can use via the Amazon prime membership that you can give to family and friends. Just my 2 cents. :)
deal (rep: 6.81k) posted Nov 16, 2010
@ deal
The problem with that is not everyone has a .edu email address.
TOTOOO (rep: 46.6k) posted Nov 17, 2010
If you donnot have .edu e-mail, you can use different e-mail addresses and apply for 1 month trail every month. Then you can get 2nd day free delivery too. But remember,donot allow them to update your account automatically as a prime delievery member.
wangruigang1985 (rep: 31k) posted Nov 25, 2010