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Q: Can anyone help understanding the money makers link?

I dont really understand how the money makers link works? There are certain stores that wont let you submit a coupon and i always have to submit it as a deal under the coupon category but i see lot of times a coupon in this situation is loaded as a money makers link. Can anyone help me understand how that works?

I would really appreciate it.

Florida2Texas posted Dec 02, 2012
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And when you cant post that link as coupon and post as deal, some one else post can post that as coupon and hits front page.

I have asked this question several times, even i havent received any answers for this.

I am also interested to know.
praveensapkota (rep: 50.8k) posted Dec 02, 2012
I don't quite understand your question but i am going to attempt it anyway=P

1. If you are an MM, you can basically share almost any deal or coupon on dealsplus to your website, blog, twitter, social network, and etc. You'll receive credit for the referral of the deal post or coupon by using the link, a plus if you are the one that posted it.
2. If you are prevented from posting a coupon. it could mean it was block by mods or the merchant to prevent user coupon submissions.
3. If you do see coupons and deals in that coupon section, you would notice at times there would be no user name displayed for the person submitting it or if you do see usernames it is a mod submitting the coupon.

@praveensapkota #3 was for you dude, be a little more observant and you would understand some of things you see here on

I hope i answered your question or not, take care=)
MrBklynW (rep: 412k) posted Dec 02, 2012
@MrBklynW - Thanks for attempting to answer my question although I am still a bit confused. What I was trying to ask is - Look at this example page -
On this page for instance, if we look at the very first submission it says this was - Shared Oct 09, 2012 · Money Maker link · Clip · 6 clips . What I am trying to understand is how was that submitted on here?

I think I do understand the part where I can share the deals posted on dealspl on to other website using the MM link. I have done that before on my facebook page but i don't understand how those are submitted under the coupon page on dealspl iself.

Hope I am making sense here :)
Florida2Texas (rep: 10.5k) posted Dec 02, 2012
as i explained earlier in answer #2 & #3

when you try to submit a coupon and then this message appears "Sorry! This merchant has disabled user-submissions of coupons" , it was blocked by the mods or merchant from users submitting for that specific store.

The coupons or deals you do see in that store coupon section, are allowed to only be submitted or modified by mods.

...was that a little clearer? I hope that clear things a little better for you=)
MrBklynW (rep: 412k) posted Dec 02, 2012
only mods can post on those that are blocked maybe they need the store approval before they are posted no sure but like mrbklynw said when you don't see who submitted the code its most likely a mod who post it
rd995 (rep: 104k) posted Dec 02, 2012
Gotcha! So those links are just submitted by mods. I always thought that users were posting those and didn't really understand how. I guess for now, for the stores that have the coupon submission blocked, i'll just submit them as a deal under the coupon category like I always do.

Thanks a lot guys!
Florida2Texas (rep: 10.5k) posted Dec 02, 2012
glad i can help=)
MrBklynW (rep: 412k) posted Dec 02, 2012
maybe some users added too many coupons that were not working/spam or something, and that's why they disabled user submission and only mods can add them. I've seen this on other sites too.
zoneric (rep: 25.6k) posted Dec 02, 2012