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Q: Couponers: Noticed how sad the MFQ coupons have gotten?

I know there are some of us on here, small number though it may be. :)
Have  you guys noticed how scarce the couponing deals have gotten? It is even hard to find free after RR or EB's deals--before it seemed like there was one ever other week! Hopefully now that the Extreme Couponing craze has gone down it will improve, although there are rumors that RR will be discontinued at Walgreens starting September...
dealwagger posted Jun 22, 2012
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Coupons have gotten to be almost useless for me. A typical coupon in the newspaper insert might be for .75 off three. I don't usually need or want three of something and it's only .25 off per unit.
erick99 (rep: 17k) posted Jun 22, 2012
Right on Erik. I have passed up a lot of coupons for that reason. I have no use for 3 of 1 item just to save a few cents. I don't expect coupon values to get better in the near future either. The show Extreme couponing has brought a lot of awareness of money that can be saved from using coupons and I think more consumers are getting on board with saving driving coupon demands up. An increase in demand will not generate better coupon deals.
lilywow (rep: 8.32k) posted Jun 22, 2012
Fast food coupons are the only type I use...I don't like been forced to buy a certain product just to save a few cents....
encorez (rep: 9.96k) posted Jun 23, 2012
I love RR I hope they don't get rid of it I have gotten so many great deals using them... I do feel like some of the coupons are not so great right now but I still get many things for really inexpensive or free so I won't stop using them anytime soon...
nimase85 (rep: 15.7k) posted Jun 23, 2012
I rarely use coupons, although CVS still hands out with their receipts many coupons- not all of them have what to do with me, but every once in awhile, you get lucky. They give money back too.
Although, Publix coupons or any other supermarket, usually don't work for me. My mom use to sit there every sunday cutting out the coupons of the Sunday paper, but 89% of them never even got used!
MdavidK30 (rep: 3.56k) posted Jun 23, 2012
Has anyone also noticed some of the sales on these sites lately?
I mean, seriously? You call a slash down of 55 cents a deal?
Like for instance the products is $14.75 and the deal is $14.22 or something like that.
MdavidK30 (rep: 3.56k) posted Jun 23, 2012
I actually use that type of coupon, $.XX OFF X, if it is an item I can use and it is on sale. We have lots of storage space so I stock up on 3-5 of a given item when possible, usually it's just a few items b/c I also work :)
dealwagger (rep: 10.2k) posted Jun 23, 2012
I agree... when ever this a buy 2 get one free sale, I get it- it's always good to stock up. Especially on a tight budget.
MdavidK30 (rep: 3.56k) posted Jun 24, 2012