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Q: DP turned me into an ADDICT!

Since joining this site in February (didn't start becoming active til April) I have notice that I shop way more than BEFORE!! I mean, I find AWESOME deals.. thanks to you guys :) but, I shop alllll the time!! It's a shame when the first thing I think about in the morning is.. "I wonder if there's some good deals today" seriously?? I think I have a problem.. and DP has turned me into a shopping addict. it's bitter sweet though ;)  I can't even have a normal phone conversation w/o talking about something I've seen on DP!! I need help.. 
mikhaila posted May 09, 2012
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Maybe they are working on a Support Group.
shimisi (rep: 74.6k) posted May 09, 2012
haha ^^ hilarious, I need it..
mikhaila (rep: 1.94k) posted May 09, 2012
Confession of a shopaholic!
Florida2Texas (rep: 10.5k) posted May 09, 2012
I used to shop once every week or two now I shop like every day or two it's crazy
nimase85 (rep: 15.7k) posted May 09, 2012
its all good as long as you dont go broke trying to save money
rd995 (rep: 104k) posted May 09, 2012
I've had this problem. Here is a tip: buy what you need :)
gangstabarbie (rep: 9.67k) posted May 09, 2012
@ rd995, That is exactly what I was going to say!! Also, cut up all those credit cards! Only use your debit card to make purchases so you don't go into debt! I don't want to read on here that you had to file for bankruptcy!! :)
krmills1 (rep: 14.2k) posted May 09, 2012
Just the opposite for me,so busy looking for deals that I spend LESS now!
xptrish (rep: 70.4k) posted May 09, 2012
I feel better knowing im not the only one... @krmills1 thank goodness I don't have any credit cards if so I'm sure they Would be maxed out. LOL. DP is a mind game.. The deals help you save $$$ yet help you spend. So when I buy something I say, "well technically I saved money :p " and it makes me feel better.
mikhaila (rep: 1.94k) posted May 09, 2012
@Xptrish, maybe I should take a lesson from you. I want to be like you when I grow up lol.
mikhaila (rep: 1.94k) posted May 09, 2012
OMG!!!! I am right there with you!!! LOL :)
rockinnrolla (rep: 158k) posted May 09, 2012
What! Nothing wrong with credit, just only spend what you have in your checking account. So if you have $10,000 total available credit and $300 in checking spend below $300. And keep your credit usage below 10%, at most below 25%. :)
Mikhaila, I did this too last month and now I've *way* cut back my spending. When I next run out of something and replace it with something I got cheap here I will consider it "paid off" and add that savings to my new spending budget.
dealwagger (rep: 10.2k) posted May 09, 2012
Dealwagger, I don't have a problem with credit I just prefer to spend the money that's in my checkings account. the hubs and I have 1 credit card that we haven't used in a year. It just sits there. We made one huge purchase a year ago and just pay above the minimum every month. I'm just now starting a shopping acct. We agreed that every 2 weeks we would put $200 in the shopping acct. I'm guessing which is fine because I seriously shouldn't spend more than $400 a month just on shopping! I'm addicted to DP deals and Ebay. lol. those are my weaknesses.. I think my shopping acct. will help balance me out. I just really LOVE DP!! y'all post the best deals.. its just hard to say no.
mikhaila (rep: 1.94k) posted May 10, 2012
I hope I will not turn into an addict. It's not that I do not like shopping, but I do not have money to spend on shopping :) maybe if I will be accepted in the MM and make some money, I will spend some on a few deals :)
ancagavs (rep: 15k) posted May 10, 2012
I totally hear ya. People like us are going to need a support group LOL
lilywow (rep: 8.32k) posted May 11, 2012
Lol! I am addicted too! I don't buy everything though. I have been following dealspl even before I became an official member so sometimes I will see a deal and remember that the same item was listed for less a few months ago or learn that a certain store has a 50% Off sale 4 times a year so there will be future opportunities to take part in that sale. There are a few items on my "must buy" list that I will purchase if a super deal pops up but, other than that, I try not to impulse buy...try. I'm not perfect though ;-)
VirginiaPeanuts (rep: 11.2k) posted May 11, 2012