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Q: Facebook Users - Join the Cause to stop violence against children!

Change Your Profile Picture To A Cartoon From Your Childhood And Invite Your Friends To Do It Too Until Monday ~ December 6 ~ There Should Be No Human faces On Facebook, But An Invasion Of Memories. This Is A Campaign... To Stop Violence Against Children. Join The Cause! Note: This is not a Spam. My friends/family and myself have participated in this cause and there's no money or donations involve in this matter. The children are our future! Thanks to all who participated and will be.
unikki420 posted Dec 04, 2010
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Why was this a thumbs down? =[ My apology for posting something that isn't a deal, but I couldn't help not sharing this. I am sorry and going forward, I will not post something like this again.
unikki420 (rep: 4.33k) posted Dec 04, 2010
Not sure about how everyone else feels but, this post is not harmful or hurtful in anyway!! unikki420 was just trying to spread the word about something rather important. Like it or not, facebook person or not, violence against ANYONE is unacceptable and this post and spreading the word of violence against children is far more important then every deal on this site!!!!!!!!!!!
branie (rep: 43.1k) posted Dec 04, 2010
No offense but changing your Facebook profile doesn't change anything or help anyone. If you really want to help this cause donate to a charity which supports it.
fernplant (rep: 107) posted Dec 04, 2010
Gotta agree with fern. Albeit I did change my profile pic for the fun of talking about old cartoons. The whole thing is kind of pointless as it does nothing to benefit victims of child abuse.
Acidbaby (rep: 6.83k) posted Dec 04, 2010
I think the point is that this simple act makes a statement. And as history dictates, simple acts such as this one are recognized and can bring about change.

This act has already hit the media and we all know that the media is an powerful avenue to get a message sent out globally.
blackfoot (rep: 304k) posted Dec 05, 2010
I agree with branie and blackfoot....well said, and thanks for supporting this subject with your link.

It's safe to say that we represent fighting against breast cancer with pink ribbons and fighting against aids with red ribbons so changing your profile pic is simply another way of representation for the cause - to stop violence against children. Many children cannot speak for themselves, so we need to speak up for them.
unikki420 (rep: 4.33k) posted Dec 05, 2010
The breast cancer pink ribbon is a completely different deal though. Its not like someone is selling cartoon stickers at the local supermarket that say lets fight child abuse. The pink ribbon is symbolic of that cause, pictures of cartoons arent. I just think if they wanted to do this right they would have put more thought into it. But as someone who works in the juvenile justice system I support it, but mostly like I said to reminisce about the old cartoons.
Acidbaby (rep: 6.83k) posted Dec 05, 2010
"The pink ribbon is symbolic of that cause, pictures of cartoons arent."

Acidbaby, I disagree with that statement. Cartoons = kids. I don't know a kid in the US that didn't grow up watching cartoons. I know I watched thousands of cartoons as a kid but as an adult I lost interest.

Sure, I may watch an episode of the flinstones or Casper the friendly ghost once in a blue moon but it's the kids that most cartoons are made for.

The cartoons are symbolic just as the ribbons are for other causes.
blackfoot (rep: 304k) posted Dec 05, 2010
Some people don't understand the impact of simply creating awareness for certain issues. I think this campaign is wonderful, considering it probably did not cost much to start, spread like wild fire and created a huge amount of awareness for an issue that is often overlooked. You can say it did nothing but make you reminisce about cartoons, but honestly, if it started a discussion like this on a completely unrelated website, I can only imagine its had an exponentially more significant impact elsewhere.
wutthedealyo (rep: 14.8k) posted Dec 06, 2010
How is a cartoon symbolic of child abuse? The topic is about child abuse not kids in general. When I see a pink or yellow ribbon I think about the cause. When I see a redneck with a tattoo of Taz on his forearm I dont think "hey he is supporting the fight against child abuse".
Acidbaby (rep: 6.83k) posted Dec 06, 2010
gonnagettaviper (rep: 3.64k) posted Dec 06, 2010
Yeah I knew about that. Found a link to a story that stated the originating message in this whole thing came from Cyprus. Also Child Abuse Awareness month is on April not Nov/Dec
Acidbaby (rep: 6.83k) posted Dec 06, 2010