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Q: Is it fair to post the same deal as a coupon too? Your alerts, duplicates, suggestions.

  1. I'd prefer just 1 posting, either as a deal, or a coupon.  less duplication.  more fair to the 1st poster.  [but i do like to see my favorite store's best current coupon highlighted on page--but this could be done  w/deals too, or on a separate tab--the favorite stores/alerts tab]
  2. Did you notice that you can now click on your favorite stores to take you to that store's coupon page?  [that was my suggestion, while corresponding w/dp on a different issue, and they responded right away!]  But what is the best place to post suggestions otherwise?
  3. Is there a page explaining  what qualifies as a dup?  
dddsss posted Feb 16, 2013
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It would be nice if mods would post short comment why they don''t think a deal is a dup when you flagged it, or why a deal is not approved of. Would save a lot of time and effort.
dddsss (rep: 11.2k) posted Feb 16, 2013
The rules on dups are kind of complicated but I would suggest looking at what others have said about this in the ask and share section
nimase85 (rep: 15.7k) posted Feb 16, 2013
thanks nimase85. wish it were simpler. hope they can get really good program to just tell automatically. guess if 2 people post at the same time &/or deal needs approval, then that's why it didn't show up in search?
dddsss (rep: 11.2k) posted Feb 16, 2013
I also wish mods would leave a quick note; I figure they are really busy so maybe that's why they don't? Still it would be nice. Once I had a few coupons I posted and a deal removed b/c the jpeg with all the details was too small to read--I figured it was something else and let if be for two days before I thought to ask.
dealwagger (rep: 10.2k) posted Feb 16, 2013