Q: What is the most money you have ever found/won?

I've always dreamed of the day my ship would come in and I could have enough to travel all the time.
klpdke (rep: 2.35k) posted Oct 18, 2011
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Once many years ago I won $500 on a slot machine at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut and it was the best feeling especially when you are 22 and basically broke. The attendant put a jackpot sign on my machine, then asked me to put out my hand so I could see my money counted out. I will never forget it! All these years later I have not won more then $60 since :( Although still happy I won, what a day I had when I was 22!!!
branie (rep: 40k) posted Oct 18, 2011
I won $650 in a beauty pageant when I was 18 but my ultimate plan is to be a professional game show contestant. I will go on (and of course win) Wheel of Fortune and my husband will put the Ken Jennings record to shame on Jeopardy. This will happen...someday....maybe :)
VirginiaPeanuts (rep: 10.9k) posted Oct 18, 2011
The best I have done was to find a $20 on the sidewalk once. And the only "sweepstakes" type of item was on the very first bag of puppy chow for my first puppy (when I was 14) was a winner for one of the 50 stuffed animals (perhaps 3rd prize?). I still have the stuffed animal, but sadly my girl passed on over 13 years ago. :(
karthwyne (rep: 1.28k) posted Oct 18, 2011
Found $100. Won just shy of $5k on the holdem tables at The Meadows in Pittsburgh area.
Acidbaby (rep: 6.84k) posted Oct 18, 2011
Worth a plus, encorez. You got mine.
BigSister (rep: 918) posted Oct 18, 2011
I once find $50 in the roadway of our village, and I rushed home excited to show my family that I picked $50, but my father's following words dragged me from the heaven suddenly. He said:"Gosh, I just lost my $50".
darrinelou (rep: 30) posted Oct 18, 2011
Or else she was the suspicious type and wondered if you'd pocketed some of it. Well I am the sort who believes that if you do the right thing, you will come out ahead in the end. And I have the feeling that you're the kind of person who wouldn't want something like that on your conscience for the rest of your life.
BigSister (rep: 918) posted Oct 18, 2011