Cute Easter Outfits for the Kids

3 Simple Springtime Recipes

Just in Time for Spring Break: 2014 Must-Have Swimwear

Music to Your Ears: Headphone Buying Guide

Cute Easter Outfits for the Kids

Spring has sprung, and that means that it’s time to get your kids decked out for the Easter holiday. Whether going to church or on an egg hunt, here are…

3 Simple Springtime Recipes

Now that it is officially the spring, we welcome back delicious, fresh produce to our diets such as asparagus, rhubarb, spinach, artichokes and so many more. Celebrate all that the…

Music to Your Ears: Headphone Buying Guide

Having the right headphones or earbuds is important when listening to your favorite tunes while exercising, traveling or working. Additionally, sound clarity is crucial when playing video games and watching…

10 Popular Health Supplements Explained

top vitamins and supplements explained

Vitamins are essential to daily living – they’re what keep your body growing strong and healthy and your mind sharp and happy. Here are 10 supplements you may want to start including in your diet. 1. B Vitamins These are some of the most important supplements you can take to improve all sorts of bodily functions…

March Madness: Decorate Your Man Cave with This NCAA Gear

march madness gear

March Madness is a month-long, holiday that celebrates the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship. Since 1984, when Bob Walsh from the Seattle Organizing Committee coined it, March Madness is the most well known college basketball term and sporting event in the U.S. The first game of the month also coincides with every guy (and many girls) in America buying team gear to outfit their man caves with team décor. After all, everyone needs a decked-out room dedicated to cheering on their favorite NCAA team. The top three teams to keep an eye this March are Wichita State Shockers, Florida Gators and Kansas Jayhawks.

Daylight Savings Time: Wake up to Spring with These Tech-savvy Alarm Clocks

great alarm clocks

On Sunday, March 9, we’ll spring our clocks forward an hour for Daylight Savings. However, if you struggle getting up every morning, losing an hour during your weekend is definitely going to make March 9 a difficult, lethargic day for you. Check out some of these tech-savvy alarm clocks to help make your Daylight Savings day a little more bearable.

Best Spring Break Destinations for Broke College Students

best spring break destinations

Spring break is almost upon us and you’re looking for the best place to go for the best price, right? While everyone else is throwing away a few hundred on airfare, a couple hundred on hotel rooms, and another hundred on meals and drinks, why don’t you keep that thousand in your pocket and try out some more budget-friendly destinations that are just as fun? These fun destinations for spring break won’t break the bank.