3 Pack of Super Comfy Fuzzy Toe Socks

3 Pack of Super Comfy Fuzzy Toe Socks

List Price: $29.99
Deal Price: $4.49
Shipping: Free
13deals.com offers 3 Pack of Super Comfy Fuzzy Toe Socks for $4.49 + Free shipping.
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3 Pack - Super Comfy Fuzzy Toe Socks

These super comfortable socks wrap each of your toes in warmth! Once size fits just about any adult foot and come in a variety of stripped fun colors. 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex.

(Note: Your will receive 3 pair of socks per order. Above image simply shows different color variations.)

You don't have to be some smelly old bear to enjoy the warmth of fuzzy wuzzy! This adorable combo comes in an assortment of colors and is bound to keep your digits toasty. Don't fret about which color to choose, because we will select one at random for you. Super stretch weave means one size fits most. This totally awesome item ships free! Fan of free shipping? Then use coupon code "fuzztoe" and get free shipping on your entire order!

One size fits most
Assorted colors, color is selected at random
Use coupon code "fuzztoe" for free shipping on your whole order!
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(6) thoughts from other users ...

rep: 284k
Fun looking socks, they look warm too.
blackfoot posted Mar 26, 2013
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rep: 192k
I've gotta send these to my daughter! She lives up north & I'm sure she will appreciate them!
deby32953 posted Mar 26, 2013
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rep: 379
Looks very warm and also good price
supermawmaw4 posted Mar 26, 2013
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rep: 8.8k
My granddaughter had crazy sock day at school yesterday. Too bad I didn't find these earlier! :) I will get them for her to use next year. :D Good deal! Thanks for posting!
Mawhen posted Mar 26, 2013
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rep: 12.4k
I dunno how anybody could wear these things. They'd drive me NUTS. It is a good price for 3 pair of socks, but they would be torture on my feet. ;-)
nthsll posted Mar 26, 2013
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rep: 153k
What fun socks at a super price! Love the free shipping. Nice find. :)
rockinnrolla posted Mar 26, 2013
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