Visit » Livedrive is the easy way to backup, store and share files between all your computers, from the home to the office. You can sync all your computers and retrieve files from any PC or Mac, anywhere, at any time.
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Get a 2-Week Free Trial for LiveDrive Pro Suite

  • Get Unlimited Online Backup for 5 Computers
  • 5,000 GB of Cloud Storage
  • Storage Syncs Between All Your Computers
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just used it, thanks user Anonymous - Feb 11, 2014
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Shop Unlimited Online Backup for $6/month*

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Get Free Trial Pro Suite

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Cloud Storage for Everyone

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Try Livedrive Unlimited Online Storage Free for 30 Days

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How Livedrive Coupons Work

Livedrive offers free trials for all their products, with no commitment or payment required. Ready to start saving, storing, and syncing your files between all your computers? Sign up starting at just $6/month and check out all the features Livedrive has to offer, with no restrictions or obligations.


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