Creative EP-480 Earphones (March Mania Sale)

Creative EP-480 Earphones (March Mania Sale)

List Price: $19.99
Deal Price: $4.99 offers Creative EP-480 Earphones (March Mania Sale) for $4.99.
Product Description:
Click on march mania banner.

10 vibrant colors to match your style... or your Zen Micro!

The Creative EP-480 Earphones with its great audio performance and comfortable foam ear-cushions will be an ideal match for any lifestyle. Available in 10 different shades of electrifying colors to match your Zen Micro or other MP3 players. A travel pouch is included for convenient storage.
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This is a following up and review for these earphones.

I did in fact get the black ones that I ordered; using the trick I posted a few days ago. Shipping was quick and prompt.Usual packing with popcorn and invoice.

The earphones come pre-fitted with the ear foamies and also comes with a handy travel pouch. I can definitely use this to protect my earphones and prevent the loss of my ear foamies.

Sound: Wow. I am amazed at the sound quality. I think they sound better than the stock iPod earphones that originally came with my 2nd gen Shuffle. The retail price of $19.99 sounds about right for these earphones. I wouldn't complain if I bought these for $20.

Fit: The buds are quite large so these might not fit really well for people with small ear canals. Luckily they fit snug in my ears and feel comfortable.

Design: I like the slimline design of these earphones. They look great and the color helps distinguish you from the iPod crowd (even though I am using a Shuffle. lol). The cable is the standard white color and is 4 feet in length. Long enough to put your MP3 player in your pocket or integrated pocket in your backpack/jacket/etc. Let's hope the cable doesn't suffer from sweat like the Sony MDR-EX51's.

Overall Rating: 9/10 for budget headphones.
ShinJN posted Mar 23, 2007
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rep: 987
nice looking headphones
zepol431 posted Mar 20, 2007
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If you buy two, total price with shipping is the same cost as one pair at retail price. There are only four colors left as of right now. =(
ShinJN posted Mar 20, 2007
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ShinJN replied:
Ok, I found a little trick to get the black ones.

1. First click the link provided by DealsPlus. It should take you to the main page with a bunch of banners and ads.
2. Click the banner that says "March Mania." It will take you to a page with all their sale stuff.
3. Click on the "Info" button for the EP-480 headphones.
4. On the info page, you will notice there are only four color choices in the drop-down menu. Next, click "Earphones" in the links column to the left.
5. A page with all their earphones will open. Click the EP-480 picture.
6. Now Black is available in the drop down menu instead of just the four listed by going directly to the EP-480 page.

Now I do not know if you will actually get the black ones but I ordered them with another color anyway. If I get them, I'll let you guys know.
Posted Mar 20, 2007
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If you order 21 pairs the shipping is free!
jklyank posted Mar 20, 2007
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Shippin' is $7.35.

shimsham posted Mar 20, 2007
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rep: 5.8k
These are nice, you can get the right color to match your mp3 player whatever color it is.
mira_mirans posted Mar 20, 2007
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