Free $10 Credit - Arby's | Facebook
Free $10 Credit - Arby's | Facebook
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This method uses Facebook, it will help if you also have a twitter, foursquare and instagram accounts.

First start off by "liking" them Click the check box and join. You should start off with 5000 points.

If you have Twitter, you can get 100 points per day for tweeting.

If you have Instagram, you can get 1000 points per day for uploading a photo with the tag #gourmazing (you can upload any photo and still get the points)

If you have Foursquare check in daily for an extra 1000 points.

If you have twitter you get 1000 points for following

Watch the ommercial for 2000 points

Sign up for emails and get 5000 points

On the tab, click on the link for 5,000 points. (you can do this daily by clearing your cookies or by privacy browsing)

Go to the FX Fresh Bites Tab and enter the following codes:
For an additional 5000 points

Now click on the youtube celecrity video tab and share on twitter for 2500 points and on facebook you get another 2500 if someone watches the video from your link.

Now go to the Prep A Post tab and simply drag 3 phases into the boxes below and get another 5000 points.

Depending on what type of accounts you linked you can get a lot of points in no time.
at sign up I got 25,000 points and then used the link 2 days in a row and cashed out for a $10 amazon gift card.

Once you have enough points the "redeem" button will unlock. The gift card gets emailed to you in 4-6 weeks it says.
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