Griffin iTrip LCD FM Transmitter for Nano

Griffin iTrip LCD FM Transmitter for Nano

List Price: $59.99
Deal Price: $14.95
Shipping: Free offers Griffin iTrip LCD FM Transmitter for Nano for $14.95 + Free shipping.
Product Description:
Griffin's SmartDisplay technology seamlessly integrates all functions and features with the iPod nano.
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rep: 1.96k
The iTrip has always been my choice for iPod FM modulation.
Snapp posted Mar 26, 2007
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rep: 166k
Alive again for 13.99 ! ! !
bossusa posted Mar 25, 2007
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rep: 15.7k Rating: 4/5 (out of 10 reviews)

"Works fabulously 90% of the time. Remaining 10% of the time it gives a lot of static. Most important issue with the product is that it drains the iPods battery not during normal operation but when left on standby. I use it to listen to music in my car on my drive to work and back. In between I leave the iPod connected to the iTrip and I carefully turn the iPod off before getting out of my car. The iTrip turns off with it but when i return to my car after 4-5 hrs, I sometimes see the iPod and the iTrip being on. It completely drains the battery. No matter how cautious I am for turning the iPod off and putting it on hold, I do see the iPod and the iTrip on after being left alone for a while. I do not like to detach the iPod everytime i get out of my car coz i fear damaging the port. May be its a geniune issue, may be its just me..."
xichigox posted Mar 01, 2007
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rep: 15.7k
New Price: $17.99
xichigox posted Mar 01, 2007
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rep: -139
again for $13.99 and free shipping
dkong89 posted Feb 22, 2007
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rep: 2.23k
i have had a couple of fm transmitters for my ipod including this one and this one is the best by far and its cheaper than the others,
lbjfan23 posted Feb 22, 2007
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rep: 19.9k
Alive again for $13.99 and free shipping.
hoboto posted Feb 22, 2007
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rep: 2.44k
A transmitter for only $18 thats a deal griffen is the best to
mattg52391 posted Feb 14, 2007
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rep: 4.42k
Amazon Customer Reviews: 2.5/5 Stars

CNET Review (short review, no rating)

Quite a few complaints on Amazon...
jutgreen posted Feb 13, 2007
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rep: 2.47k
Are these any good?
utch posted Nov 15, 2006
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hoboto replied:
This is kind of a late response, but I had one for my iPod Mini (I seemed to have misplaced it.), and it's probably the best brand for wireless transmission. Honestly though, I'd prefer just sticking with the cassette-to-music player or have a built in line-in Car Stereo player for the best quality.
Posted Feb 13, 2007
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Sbsmainman replied:
hoboto's right. i bought one and tried it i eventually returned it because it still got fuzzy interference from radio stations that are close to the station you set. he's right about the cassette converter too. its perfect, my friend has one and it sounds like you are just playing it from a cd.
Posted Feb 22, 2007
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