1.5 Cubic Ft. Electronic Digital Safe by Bunker Hill

1.5 Cubic Ft. Electronic Digital Safe by Bunker Hill

List Price: $189.99
Deal Price: $98.99
Shipping: $
harborfreight.com offers 1.5 Cubic Ft. Electronic Digital Safe by Bunker Hill for $98.99 + $ shipping.
Use Coupon code "WINTER10"

Protect your valuables at home with this electronic digital safe constructed of solid 9 gauge steel plate housing, 6 gauge steel plate door frame and a 5 gauge steel door. A dual security system allows for keyed or keyless access. Removable casters provide the option of permanent mounting. Programmable 8 code electronic combination lock and tamper-proof hinges ensure maximum security.

* Dual security system allows keyed or keyless access
* Programmable/changeable electronic combination up to 8 digits
* Large storage capacity: 1.5 cubic ft.
* Comes with 2 emergency override keys
* Solid steel construction
* Concealed, tamper-proof hinges
* Removable casters for permanent floor mounting
* Upper shelf for securing documents
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(8) thoughts from other users ...

rep: 9.65k
Very nice safe for a very good price.
gangstabarbie posted Feb 17, 2012
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rep: 284k
Nice price for such a nice looking safe.
blackfoot posted Feb 17, 2012
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rep: 1.32k
Very nice
rtanner posted Feb 17, 2012
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rep: 15.9k
If you look at the camera in the picture you can get a good idea of how much space you have. 1.5 cubic feet is around 14" x 14" x 14". Not a big space but enough for small valuables.
erick99 posted Feb 17, 2012
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rep: 79.3k
This the one I am looking for. thanks for sharing
psplove posted Feb 17, 2012
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rep: 10.3k
I have always thought about getting one of these and at this price i might consider. Thanks
Florida2Texas posted Feb 16, 2012
  0 |   0
rep: 3.4k
Smokin deal for a safe. Everyone needs to own a safe! Plussed!
seanvcxz posted Feb 16, 2012
  1 |   0
rep: 159k
$21 drop. Now $98.99 Use Coupon code "WINTER10"
akaricke posted Feb 16, 2012
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