Kohlâs |  Jumping Beans Bath Wraps

Kohl’s | Jumping Beans Bath Wraps

List Price: $29.99
Deal Price: $6.39
Shipping: Free*
kohls.com offers Kohl’s | Jumping Beans Bath Wraps for $6.39 + Free* shipping.
Coupon code "CCYT115"

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rep: 170k
Kids LOVE these - actually makes then WANT to take a bath (and that in itself is priceless!) Super price on these! Thanks for sharing this. :)
FibroMom posted Nov 22, 2012
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rep: 300k
Lowest price I have seen for these yet, nows the time to grab this. Great quality too!
poe601 posted Nov 22, 2012
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rep: 13k
Oh my goodness I'm so glad this is back! I didn't take advantage of it last time and now the price is even BETTER
arsiel posted Nov 22, 2012
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