FREE McDonalds  McCafe Cherry Berry Chiller

FREE McDonalds McCafe Cherry Berry Chiller

Deal Price: FREE offers FREE McDonalds McCafe Cherry Berry Chiller for FREE.
Type your name and print the coupon for McCafe Cherry Berry Chiller.
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cant print
daddyj77 posted Jun 06, 2012
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rep: 29.6k
Is this FREE or Not???
wdjdac posted May 11, 2012
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rep: 300k
$1 off coupon is what I'm getting too. still nice savings!
poe601 posted May 11, 2012
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ramana_forums replied:
I posted as a $1 off any Any McCafe Cherry Berry Chiller, Frappe, Smoothie or Frozen Strawberry Lemonade
but user "@taratstock" changed to free.. don't know why
Posted May 11, 2012
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dealwagger replied:
I printed the coupon when you posted it and I can't figure out why taratstock changed it to free either? Taratstock? Any input? :)
Posted May 11, 2012
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rep: 64
I'm only seeing the $1 off coupon. Am I late, or is the cheapest Chiller only $1, hence free?
Boo_Radley posted May 11, 2012
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rep: 29k
mmm i lovee this! and when it's free i love it more =)
Christine posted May 11, 2012
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rep: 9.65k
i used to jug these down like nothing until i realized its so high in calorie
gangstabarbie posted May 11, 2012
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oh nice i love the Frappe the coupon will help me save $$$ im out of country but glad expiration day is 2 days after im back and i can buy the drink 4 times in those 2 days!
save42016 posted May 09, 2012
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rep: 24.3k
Thanks very much these drinks from McDonald's are pretty good and now I can try another flavor with this coupon.
themoneyman1113 posted May 08, 2012
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rep: 10.2k
MMMMMMM thank you ramana_forums! I've tried their frozen strawberry lemonade and it is delicious!
dealwagger posted May 08, 2012
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