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Android Apps ~ Some of the Best of the Current Crop

I have an HTC EVO 4G and am frequently combing through Google Play (I like the App Store better) for new and interesting apps.  They don't really sort them well and there is a little bias in the order in which they are presented.  So, I took to Google to have a look at what other folks from blogs, magazines, journals, etc., were thinking.  Here are some of the apps that showed up most often. 

I did my search so that only results published within the last 30 days were used to avoid ending up with a list that would have been more apropos to a year ago.

For this Page I decided to stay with free apps. I did not add links as you simply go to Google Play, type in the app name, and download.

Seesmic- A Twitter app that supports multiple accounts and does a nice job with the limited real estate of most smartphone screens.

ASTRO File Manager- Use this myself and consider it the best free file manager out there.  If your phone is rooted than so much the better.

Google Sky Map- I love this one!  It's never been easier to identify the heavenly bodies.

Winamp- This is my favorite desktop audio program and it works well on my EVO as well.

SWYPE - I think this is the best keyboard on the Android market.  I do think that Google has the best voice recognition, however.

Google Maps Navigation - A great application and it's free!  It's better than anything that comes preinstalled on Android phones.

DropBox - If you are using this on your desktop than you know how good it is.

Amazon Kindle - If you are using a Kindle device or simply like Kindle books from Amazon than this is a great app for your Android phone. It works very, very well.

RD Mute - A great little app that senses that you have turned your phone over onto it's face and mutes all sounds.  This has to be one of the most useful apps I've experienced.

Chrome Beta - I've really grown to love Chrome on my notebook so it's worth a try on a smartphone.  It's still in beta but so far it's pretty good.

ISSLive - Not the best assembled app but lots of cool info about the International Space Station. Hopefully, the app will improve with time.

NETFLIX - Another desktop application that has transferred nicely to the smartphone.

erick99 posted Jun 13, 2012
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thanks for posting this erick99 im new to the android world, i just got the samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 as an early fathers day gift so this is great for me to start getting new apps
rd995 (rep: 104k) posted Jun 13, 2012
let's just say you can get all the apps and games you want through Torrent sites........just saying.
encorez (rep: 9.96k) posted Jun 14, 2012
You sure can, encorez, but most folks don't understand how torrent sites work nor side-loading apps. But, yes, an excellent point.
erick99 (rep: 17k) posted Jun 14, 2012
OK for the people that don't know, install ASTRO File Manager from the market, then drag the game/app onto your android device, then go to that game/app with ASTRO File Manager and open it up, then install.

encorez (rep: 9.96k) posted Jun 14, 2012
@encorez - You'd still lose 95% of the folks that haven't done it before. Write a nice Page, in detail and with screenshots, of how to download an app from a not-so-typical site and sideload it onto an Android phone.
erick99 (rep: 17k) posted Jun 14, 2012
^ it might be against the site rules.....
encorez (rep: 9.96k) posted Jun 14, 2012
Thank you so much for sharing this great information here. Wonderful content. :)
mysocu (rep: 353) posted Jun 14, 2012