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Interesting & Odd Food Facts (updated 1/20/13)

As long as we are shopping at Farmers Markets and comparing grocery stores for discounts why not take a closer look at some of the foods we buy - I limited my facts to commonly consumed foods.  There are some very interesting facts about fairly common food that I found as I deftly surfed some food sites.

Worcestershire Sauce: Is made from dissolved fish (Anchovy).  I've used it for years and never knew.

Refried Beans:  Only fried once.  The name is a mistaken translation of frijoles refritos which means "well fried."

Peanuts:  Dynamite is made partly of peanuts.  Peanut oil is used to make glycerol which is used to make nitroglycerin.  Peanuts, by the way, are legumes, not nuts.

Coconut:  Coconut water can be used in an emergency as a substitute for blood plasma.

Coca-Cola: Was originally green.

Orange Juice: Naturally contains a small amount of alcohol.

Strawberries: Have more vitamin C than oranges.

Vinegar: Melts pearls (leave a comment if you try this).

London Broil: Is not a cut of beef but a method of cooking.

Avocados: Have more protein than any other fruit and are poisonous to birds.

Mushroom: One in Oregon covers over three square miles and is still growing.

Ketchup: Originally created as a drug, not a condiment.

Apples: Have more stimulant than caffeine - try one in the morning and leave a comment.

Almonds: Are a member of the peach family.

Honey: The only food that will not spoil (I had thought that peanut butter didn't either).

Cherries: Tart cherries may have more pain killer than aspirin.

Asparagus: Is a member of the lily family.

Gum: Bubble gum (and any chewing gum, I think) is illegal in Singapore and has been since the 1980's.

Heinz 57:  The 57 refers to the variety of pickles the company provided.

Apples:  Float because they are made of 25% air.

Cabbage: Is 91% water.

Cherries: Are a member of the rose family.

Black Eyed Peas:  Are really beans.

Eggplants: Are fruit.

Lemons: Contain more sugar than strawberries.

I had fun bouncing from site to site reading lots of fun food facts.  A lot of the sites obviously duplicated each other but there were hundreds of unique facts.  The food facts that I listed are among what I thought were the most interesting.  Feel free to leave your own interesting food facts in the comments.

erick99 posted Apr 10, 2012
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Cool facts!! Thanks for the info!!
krmills1 (rep: 14.2k) posted Apr 10, 2012
I just read up a bit more on Worcestershire sauce and the entire anchovy, bones and all, are dissolved and used. But, I like anchovies so I am okay with it :)
erick99 (rep: 17k) posted Apr 10, 2012
Thank you for all the effort you went to! I will have to become an apple junkie as I am not an early bird at all :) I'll tell you if it works!
dealwagger (rep: 10.2k) posted Apr 10, 2012
If I someday, for some reason have pearls to spare, I will try to melt them with vinegar ;)
VirginiaPeanuts (rep: 11.2k) posted Apr 10, 2012
Couldn't you melt just one for the cause?
erick99 (rep: 17k) posted Apr 10, 2012
Avocados are ESPECIALLY poisonous to birds; I should know. However they are also quite toxic to practically all animals to varying degrees. The toxic agent, persin, has no harmful effect on humans.
fluffy (rep: 2.17k) posted Apr 10, 2012
Almonds are NOT part of the peach family! I refuse to believe that! D: D:
Okay I don't really know but that's too crazy
arsiel (rep: 13k) posted Apr 10, 2012
I really want to try the apple thing! that sounds awesome.
dealinator (rep: 263) posted Apr 10, 2012
I'm going to find a pearl, somewhere, and put it in vinegar and see how long it takes and if it completely melts the pearl. Inquiring minds want to know.
erick99 (rep: 17k) posted Apr 10, 2012
Green coke? I can believe it ! Cause they now have green ketchup :)
gangstabarbie (rep: 9.67k) posted Apr 10, 2012
The cashew nut actually grows out of a cashew apple. looks weird. They are also poisonous unless cooked right.

SavingUp (rep: 298) posted Apr 10, 2012
Now that I think about it, almonds do kind of look like mini peach pits. Very cool facts! I love this kind of stuff, thanks for sharing.
canis444 (rep: 263) posted Apr 10, 2012
O_o.. Oh My Glob! anchovies?.. No wonder That sauce tastes so weird! Ugh!
heyimdennise (rep: 7.87k) posted Apr 10, 2012
Refried Beans: Only fried
encorez (rep: 9.96k) posted Apr 10, 2012
Until I did this article I thought they were fried twice :)
erick99 (rep: 17k) posted Apr 10, 2012
Almonds and peaches are actually a part of the much larger rose family (Rosaceae), which includes many other familiar tasty fruits like apricots, plums, raspberrys, strawberries, cherries, pears, etc.

The mustard family (Brassica) is an unrelated family that also contains a huge number of familiar foods like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, turnip, brussels sprouts, kale, canola, and of course mustard.
fluffy (rep: 2.17k) posted Apr 10, 2012
Thanks Fluffy! Lots of cool comments. Thumbs up for everyone.
erick99 (rep: 17k) posted Apr 10, 2012
Vinegar and most other acids will definitely dissolve pearls, chalk, limestone and even marble, which is much harder than pearls. All of these are primarily calcium carbonate, the active ingredient in Tums.
fluffy (rep: 2.17k) posted Apr 10, 2012
I've always loved that piece of trivia about honey. It's the only "natural" food that doesn't spoil. Maybe peanut butter is not mentioned because it's a processed food. It probably does take a long time to spoil, although I wouldn't know. It never lasts long around me!
shimisi (rep: 74.6k) posted Apr 10, 2012
awesome facts..thanks =D
nimrodboy3 (rep: 68k) posted Apr 10, 2012