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Tip: Freezing Vegetables!

When you see vegetables on sale, buy extra and chop them up. Put them into a ziptop bag and then when you need them they are all ready for you. You can freeze peppers, celery, onions, asparagus, beans, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, eggplant, mushrooms, parsnips, peas, potatoes, pumpkin, squash, corn, tomatoes, turnips. It is not recommended that you keep them in the freezer longer than 6 months.
supercouponingmo posted May 16, 2012
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This is the best to do with cilantro/parsley because as soon as one leaf goes bad it spreads quickly through the bunch. If you wash them (picking out any bad pieces) and freeze the whole bunch they are easy to chop too.
dealwagger (rep: 10.2k) posted May 16, 2012
I freeze my vegetables all the time and they definately saty good really long. Another thing that i like to freeze is bread or tortilla because sometimes you can find bread on sale and its good to keep extra.
Florida2Texas (rep: 10.5k) posted May 16, 2012
Thawed frozen bread is disgusting. My wife used to do that til I put my foot down. And as a gardener Id have to disagree with some of the items above as they consist primarily of water, such as peppers, celery, onions should never be reused after being cut let alone be frozen. Onions have the potential to become poisonous a short time after being cut, as they soak up bacteria like a sponge. Didnt your grandma ever cut up onions and place them in the house when someone was ill? It works, try it. Cabbage also gets soggy when thawed after being frozen. I make my cabbage rolls that way purposely. As the leaves roll up easier.

Of course almost anything that can frozen to preserve it but it all boils down to personal preference if you like it or not. Put it this way, once you freeze most veggies they cant ever be served raw again. At least not in my house.
Acidbaby (rep: 6.83k) posted May 17, 2012
@acidbaby - my breads stays really good even out of the freezer, off course I never thaw that bread, I could see it getting disgusting and but when I do instead is just toast it right out of the freezer! I mostly do this when I have a lot of bread lying around that I haven't been able to finish closing its expiry date or when I am going out of down. Fresh bread definitely is much much much better :)
Also I do agree with you on the onions. I have heard the point you have made above and I don't freeze onions!
Florida2Texas (rep: 10.5k) posted May 17, 2012
That wouldnt be bad if you use it for toast or as a filler for say meatloaf. Just cant do frozen and thawed bread.
Acidbaby (rep: 6.83k) posted May 17, 2012
I do agree with Acidbaby. My grandma always cut up some onions when we were sick. I never knew why:)
zoneric (rep: 25.7k) posted May 18, 2012
I never heard onion story, next time I will try when someone sink in my house.....
YesBoss (rep: 30.3k) posted May 29, 2012
fluffy (rep: 2.17k) posted May 29, 2012