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Tips on Keeping your Dog's Teeth Healthy

Who wants to kiss a dog with bad breath? Not me! 

Here are a few ways to help your lovely pooch maintain a healthy DENTAL lifestyle:

  • Tooth Brush for Dogs. Many dogs don't like to have their teeth brushed, but Nylabone made a toothpaste that is peanut flavored to keep your dog from fidgeting. This helps get rid of bacteria and plaque.

  • Toys that promote healthy teeth & gums. Rope toys are ideal for helping clean their teeth. As they bite into it, it acts as a dental floss. Little do they know, they are playing and flossing at the same time :)
  • Choose treats that are good for their oral health. Greenies is the #1 vet recommended chew for dogs. It is formed like a tooth brush so as your dog bites in the bristle looking part, it is manipulating your dog's teeth to get cleaned in between teeth. 
  • Rawhide Bones. Not only do raw hide bones help satisfy your pet's need to chew, they are also good to help remove plaque and reduce tarter. Just be careful they are not swallowing a whole piece but rather chewing it off bit by bit.
There you have it, I hope next time you buy your dog a toy or treat, you will think of their oral health!
Happy Healthy Kissing!
gangstabarbie posted Aug 12, 2012
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Rope and rawhide are two of the most common toys/treats that cause obstructions in dogs requiring emergency surgery. Mine would destroy one of those rope tug toys in about 5 minutes and half of it would wind up in his intestines.

Rawhide is no go in my house. They are susceptible to contain salmonella, e coli, and are processed with chemicals such as arsenic, pesticides, antibiotics and may contain lead. And again if you have a smaller dog they may be fine if they arent able to just destroy it in minutes. Same goes for hooves, trachea, pig ears, etc. At the very minimum you need to supervise your dog constantly if giving these treats.

Greenies have been responsible for dozens and dozens of deaths in dogs over the past 5 years. Now that doesnt mean they are unhealthy for your dog but there have been many deaths due to obstructions or choking related to greenies and similiar treats. At the very minimum ensure you purchase the proper size treat for your dog and again supervise them while they are using it.

Again there is really no reason to even but this kind of thing imo. Go to your grocer. Get some marrow bones, preferably knuckles and let your dog go to town. They are safer than most every store bought bone or treat designed to clean your dogs teeth as long as you do not cook the bones, they must be fed raw. Cooking will cause the bones to splinter when chewed and can cause obstructions in your pets digestive system. Like I said above if you cant get bones then buy a couple of antlers. Well one is all you need as they last forever, but I like to have a few around just for a change of pace. Antlers are by far the best treat/chew toy out there for dogs. Very safe and I have never seen a dog that didnt go bananas over an antler. Plus they provide healthy nutrients for your pet. And they are easy to acquire for free. You can either go searching for your own between roughly january and april depending on where you live when deer shed their antlers. Check for local deer farms, we have a few in my area who sell them very cheap. Or if you have a friend who is a hunter and bags a small buck and doesnt want the rack. Or just buy them at any pet store online.
Acidbaby (rep: 6.83k) posted Aug 12, 2012
I've heard of antlers but I live in the city so i don't see them laying around .. Thanks for the suggestion. Will look into that ..
gangstabarbie (rep: 9.67k) posted Aug 12, 2012
You can get them on amazon, or any online pet store. they are essentially indestructible and a bit softer than beef bones. My dog has been working on 2 of them for well over 6 months and I would say they would last another 5 years based on the way they look. Im definately a big fan of antlers.
Acidbaby (rep: 6.83k) posted Aug 12, 2012
Also, it's important to note that you shouldnt use normal toothpaste with dogs.

@gangstabarbie - They aren't cheap, but you can find them on ebay, amazon, craiglist.
bbattag (rep: 6.74k) posted Aug 12, 2012
Good article! My dog has awful breath so maybe this will help.
erick99 (rep: 17k) posted Aug 12, 2012
Thumbs up for your article. Lots of folks have read this Page and I am the first to give it a Thumbs Up?
erick99 (rep: 17k) posted Aug 12, 2012
Nice article. I was just at a pet store, and saw antlers for $12.99. hmm.. I wonder of baking soda works on their teeth too =) Thumbs up.
lilywow (rep: 8.32k) posted Aug 12, 2012
dogs' teeth may not need care, just let it be
Gaylesheerin (rep: 334) posted Aug 12, 2012
Gayle, two words: "plaque buildup." :)
Acidbaby, bones can cause problems too, seems like anything can, lol.
Thanks Gangstabarbie for the article, it is so hard to care for dogs teeth, and so expensive to have it professionally done!
dealwagger (rep: 10.2k) posted Aug 14, 2012
Exactly, anything can give the right circumstances. But youre much less likely to have an issue with a bone or antler than a manufactured toy or treat designed to clean teeth. Im pretty confident that if my pitbull cant destroy a beef femur or elk antler that hes been working on for months then most other dogs wont have a problem.
Acidbaby (rep: 6.83k) posted Aug 14, 2012