Credit Card Offers on - Chase Rewards, Cash Back, More

Credit Card Offers on - Chase Rewards, Cash Back, More

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dealsplus offers Credit Card Offers on - Chase Rewards, Cash Back, More for Offers.
Get ready for the holiday season with a credit card that fits you're spending habits, and gives you the best rewards possible! Check out all the Credit Card Offers on!

Chase Credit Card Offers - Rewards, Cash Back, More

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Citi Checking offers $300 Gift Cards

    You have to complete 1 direct deposit and one qualifying bill payment for 2 months.
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rep: 8.31k
I need a really good balance transfer card by October
lilywow posted Sep 06, 2012
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rep: 404k
not bad at all, heard the chase freedom was a pretty good card
MrBklynW posted Sep 05, 2012
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rep: 18
Chase Sapphire℠ Card the best of the best , recommend
andrewceban posted Sep 05, 2012
  1 |   0
rep: 3.11k
great offers. definitely can make a lot of money off of these with the points
aznballa161 posted Sep 05, 2012
  1 |   0
rep: 153
notume2001 posted Sep 05, 2012
  1 |   0
rep: 12.4k
Nice round up of credit card offers, just in time to get some extra spending $$ for the holidays...and some extra deals for us. Thanks!
tpark6283 posted Sep 05, 2012
  1 |   0
rep: 24.2k
I currently have Slate from Chase after reviewing many offers. I had to call customer service twice about a balance transfer issue. Problem was resolved instantly once they understood the issue, I was very impressed with the customer service.
themoneyman1113 posted Sep 05, 2012
  3 |   0
rep: 57k
Thanks for rounding these up. Card offers change every so often that it's smart to switch when their deals suit your needs.
shimisi posted Sep 05, 2012
  1 |   0
rep: 285k
Some pretty good credit card offers, good deal.
blackfoot posted Sep 05, 2012
  1 |   0
rep: 49.9k
Some really good offer, nice roundup
praveensapkota posted Sep 05, 2012
  1 |   0
rep: 663
Nice offers
RealPage16 posted Sep 05, 2012
  3 |   0
rep: 159k
Really good round up. Some decent offers on there.
akaricke posted Aug 24, 2012
  3 |   0
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