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Early Access to Vindictus Open Beta (September 15 - October 6)
Early Access to Vindictus Open Beta (September 15 - October 6)
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Expires: 10/06/10
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The Legend

The air is thick with despair, and the battles never cease. Rain falls, yet the land is barren, as if the earth has been drenched in too much bloodshed to bear fruit. Monstrous creatures lurk in every trench, cave, and valley. To survive, people have huddled together, forming ramshackle towns with high walls. Yet, cowering behind those walls does not guarantee safety...

What has become of the outside world? Few people know. Fewer care to find out. As the common folk trudge from one empty day into the next, only one thought keeps them going: the Legend. The Legend will come to pass. The people yearn for it, pray for it. They hope and believe. And because they believe, they know.

One day, they will be in Erinn.
Erinn, The Land of Paradise

In this world, there is but one moon, and it shines upon a wasteland where Fomors and beasts roam, hungry to tear flesh from bone. Not so in Erinn. In Erinn, there will be two moons, Eweca and Lateka, and they will shine with the brightness of the gods. There, no one will age or fall ill, and the land will be rich with bountiful resources.

It is the dream of Erinn, the paradise promised in the Legend, which fuels humanity in these dark times. The people wait, as they have for countless generations, for the black-winged goddess to come and save them.

They wait. Because the Legend is truth. It must be, for it is all they have.

Vindictus is a new upcoming MMORPG that is slightly hard to get into at the moment, due to needing a beta key to play in the open beta. I have two codes for any dealsplus members that want to try this game out. When you register for your code, you will get two more to pass on to friends. All I ask is that you save at least one code for another dealsplus member.

Vindictus website:
After registering, enter your beta code here:

I won't be posting the codes here, nor will I post them in the comments, because there are a lot of people out there who will just take the codes and not continue the chain. This can go on until everyone who wants a key gets one, as long as you give back at least one code to another member.

Just request one here and I will send you a message with a code. Once you've got it, reply under your comment saying you've received one. Please don't forget to give back to the dealsplus community by giving your extra codes to other members who request it here. Enjoy!
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