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Win Two $200 Gift Cards during our Black Friday Contest!

We here at are VERY excited about Black Friday 2010! So excited that we want to give YOU two (2) $200 Gift Cards of your choice!

How to enter:
All you have to do is share your favorite Black Friday story, memory, or picture with us! In fact, you can even just tell us what your plans are for this year's big day. And there are TWO ways to enter:

    1) Leave your comment here on this post

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  • Two winners will be picked. One from and the other from Facebook.
  • The contest runs from Friday October 15th to Thursday October 21st, and the winner will be announced by the 22nd
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  • US residents only
  • Rules and dates are subject to change at any time by the staff

And the winners are...

Facebook fan: Angela Ingram user: jgoldma1

Congratulations to our winners and thank-you to everyone who participated! Be sure to check out our current giveaway too: We're giving away two NEW MacBook Airs!

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nimrodboy3 Oct 23, 2010
congrats to both Angela Ingram and jgoldma1
Pjw1008 Oct 22, 2010
Ive only been to one black friday. Me and my husband were on vacation in az, and we had to get up at 1/130 to drive to the nearest target which was 2HRS away. It was also freezing! But it was SSSOOO worth it because we had gotten 2 $50 rebate cards and a $10 gift card when we entered the store so we only ended paying $100 for our HD tv. =D! Looking forward to doing it again...altho this yr might end up being a cyber monday.
nateanderson Oct 21, 2010
I plan to hit Best Buy early, and possibly Target after that.
chobbes Oct 21, 2010
I'll either be working or sleeping. Won't know 'til then.
dis1krazyazn Oct 21, 2010
My favorite Black Friday story is actually from last year when I volunteered at a local mall the morning of Black Friday to raise money for my high school's National Honor Society. I got a group of about 15-20 friends to volunteer with me (since I was NHS President last year) and we worked from 11pm to 11am!! Now I am ...a freshman in college and I hope to be outside of stores like Best Buy, Target, and Apple to get good deals on Black Friday morning... I've been saving up for the last month or so, but it's hard being a poor college student :/ The gift cards would help a lot. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
DynamoMike Oct 21, 2010
i am really hoping to get a great deal on some external hard drive --- i am running out of space !!!!!!! :)
misskathymae Oct 21, 2010
I am a die hard but last year WHEW!Last year I took my 14 year old with me ,She was soo tired ,we all were ,We did see amazing things..Alarge group of hillbilly drunks (Im hoping) know who you are!;0)...A LOT of tents...Even a 11 year old boy hit the floor and passed out once the store opened and his dad was checking out,he said he didn't eat..I remember muttering something among the bleary eyed haze about bringing a thermos of cofee ,BIG ONES ,next year ,It was great we got a pair of perfect push-ups (thanks;0) Sports Authority)and I LOVE THEM (NO PAIN NO GAIN)!!Right?!!Just starting my plan of attack this year!
cdmtx65 Oct 21, 2010
couple of years ago a snagged the last 42 inch big screen tv @ walmart --- boy it was a "madhouse" :)
harry16 Oct 21, 2010
I was the 99 person in line for sears gift card and i got a $10 gift card, I used it to buy a $10 craftsman vacuum and my mom loves it.
proper Oct 21, 2010
My Black Friday history has all been online. And it is usually through stores like Steam. So many downloadable videogames for cheeeeeeap!
TheSUPERGIRL Oct 21, 2010
I love Black Friday because I absolutely love great deals. I always do My best to look out for the sales. I'll be looking for great deals this Black Friday as well and will have even more fun doing so with these cards.
SKYYWALKERR Oct 21, 2010
I work retail and usually have to work on Black Friday. Three years ago I somehow lucked out and was scheduled to close, so I joined my cousins in line at midnight at Toys R Us. Our local TRU was raffling off a $1000 shopping spree (via two $500 gift cards), so I bought the four of us each a ticket. To my utter surprise, I won! Since I don't have any kids, I gave the cards to my two cousins, and they were able to get all the things they wanted for their kids. I got a really good Christmas present from them that year though!
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josuemoralesc Oct 21, 2010
OMG Awesome! Last year was my first Black Friday! :) I Hope this year i can have a better one.
esploded Oct 21, 2010
Black Friday?! YES :D I love cheap stuff, cause I' Hey, not in a bad way. :)
ncjeepster Oct 21, 2010
I used to go shopping every Black Friday until I was disabled, I can't get out much now, so I started doing all my shopping online. If you prepare enough ahead of time, it is so much faster to order on line. I feel like any shipping I pay is worth the trouble of driving, parking and fighting the crowds I would have had to endure. I plan just like I did when I did go out, but I'm proud to say I did better on line than I did getting sales in the stores.
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josuemoralesc Oct 21, 2010
It's good to see that you have endured above all. :)
lissa_hTW Oct 21, 2010
I was actually working one year, and I got stuck at the mall for like 3 hours after my shift! It was crazy. I have been really wanting the new iPod touch for awhile at Best Buy. Cant wait to get it!
nkendrew Oct 21, 2010
I usually have to work on Black Friday, but not this yr.!!
NeW_gUy_007 Oct 21, 2010
I remember my first black Friday experience two years ago when i first moved to America I didn't even know about it so I innocently went to see what all the fuss was about....big mistake!I quickly found myself rummaging through hordes of people and getting the deals I wanted it was chaos but I would do it every year just for the heck of it.
Jennalainemiller Oct 21, 2010
I love Black Friday! I always go to kohls and love searching for great deals! Now that we have a daughter to buy for it'll be even more fun!
LesDudis Oct 21, 2010
My favorite Black Friday memory (hard to believe because it was partially miserable!) was from a year or 2 ago. I was waiting at Target to get my 750gb external harddrive for about $70. After dinner, I made sure to bundle up because it was cold but after a couple of hours, it began to get colder... My body felt fine, but I realized my feet were freezing! I forgot to wear better shoes: I was wearing my Chuck Taylor All Stars (the material is SO thin!)... Waiting the rest of the hours was long and cold, but it was worth it to get my harddrive AND the 8gb flash drive next door at Staples, topping it off with an early breakfast at McDonald's next to the Staples =)
Strublesarah Oct 21, 2010
My favorite black Friday memory is walking in to the Target away from the mall crowds and seeing almost every register open and available. It was totally stress and crowd free!
eycanche Oct 21, 2010
Last Black Friday I was driving around with my brother trying trying to find a deal while my uncle bought a huge flat screen TV from Walmart for like $450 dollars! Horrible so we just went home after hearing that.
RoadRashTX Oct 21, 2010
I could use this. I need some new electronic gadgets to play with!
josuemoralesc Oct 21, 2010
My First and so far only expirience of Black Friday was last year when I wasn't able to go to the Thanksgiving party because i had to go to sleep early for to be able to be at Walmart on time. I had a great time getting new movies :) After Walart i went to Fred Meyer and bought board games for the family then visited Best Buy and finaly i went to Target to finish the day i mean more like start the day. I hope to win the $200 Gift Card so i can go back this year for a 2nd time and make it way bigger and better than last year. Get my Mom, Dad, and Sister a nice Christmas Gift. Sincerly Josue Morales :)
ho0lee0h Oct 21, 2010
Heh. I don't know if anyone remembers this but last year, newegg had an acer netbook for $200. I was one of the lucky few to get it! I'm still using it :) Best Black Friday ever.
sch1308 Oct 21, 2010
I plan to get up at 4AM and get a good spot in the Wal Mart line to get an iPad or maybe an Xbox with extra money I got from my birthday.
carpince Oct 21, 2010
My favorite black friday moment was when I was a new mom and took my 6 month old son out. I wanted some clothes that were so cheap for him for the following year or two. I ran into, every where I went, what I want to say was the true spirit of the season. Kohls ran out of carts but they saw me with him and they gave me theirs. At Walmart, I had just 3 items and 4 people let me go in front of them. It was their kindness and generosity that made me excited that year and in turn made me realize again not everyone is so greedy and angry on that BLACK FRIDAY!!!
Ladyurbain Oct 21, 2010
Well I dont have a story to share. I have never participated in blackfriday shopping. I had heard too many horror stories and did not want to get myself in trouble because of my temper. So I stayed away. This year I may venture out just so I can experience it. Life's an adventure!
JAZZYMAMA Oct 21, 2010
I always go blackfriday shopping with my mom & its like a tradition for us we get up at 5 in the morning. The day of thanksgiving we laugh about just staying up with the family because my family go's to different store so me & my mom stick together & go to walmart, target, & the mall sometimes not looking for things already in mind but to shopp around & we always find good deals im so ready for blackfriday with my mom because we always have fun shopping with each other!
Applejill Oct 21, 2010
I bought a router and network adapter years ago that was free after rebate. That remains my greatest Black Friday purchase.
natthedem Oct 21, 2010
I've actually never done a Black Friday sale. Last year, my sister went to secure a new television and I'd periodically stop by and bring them hot chocolate and food. She'd look up at me, wrapped in warm blankets and ask if I wanted to join them. As I thought about the warmth of my bed, I politely declined ;)
Deedle_pie Oct 21, 2010
On Black Friday I'm going to be sitting right here planted in front of! I will see far more bargains here than I would ever be able to see on foot. I'll have my leftover turkey sandwiches and warm coffee to sustain me while I fight no crowds, get none of my toes stepped on and drag nothing at all to the car. The only damage might be my sore typing fingers and my bank account! Can't wait!
Shmobaum Oct 21, 2010
Hi yeah I happened to get my iPod last year on black Friday
jemutschler Oct 21, 2010
Well, just became unemployed for the first time in my 52 year old life, so looks like Black Friday shopping, or any real Christmas shopping, is out of the question this year. Maybe Dollar Tree?
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ddevil Oct 21, 2010
BestBuy is always one of my favorites. What can I say.... I love electronics.
chaseapruitt Oct 21, 2010
this year i plan to sleep over at bestbuy, and purchase me a new computer screen for my macbook so i can edit more photos and do better in school!
daischop Oct 21, 2010
Well for me, I've never stood in line for a Black Friday event. I usually ended up showing a bit later in the day, once the mad rush was over or in later years, staying up late online watching for deals. But I've never experienced the crush of people when the doors open in the early am. I'm usually sleeping my morning away!
winterhart14 Oct 21, 2010
I've never really done black fridays, but I have done Cyber Mondays. I prefer doing my shopping at home... so Amazon would be my choice, or Apple... iPod Touch calling my name.
diego17 Oct 21, 2010
That was a long long time ago! We waited to get the new Atari game - maybe Lady Pacman?
c0rinne Oct 21, 2010
My favorite Black Friday was last year. I finally vowed to spend some money and buy something. I spent hours walking around this huge shopping center in LA. After hours and hours, I still hadn't bought anything. At the end, I successfully bought NOTHING, but I did confirm that I taught myself impulse control. :)
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Taylor9124 Oct 21, 2010
Definitely my first Black Friday. I had just gotten the Playstation 3, and needed an LCD more than anything, so I stood in line for 4 hours thinking it was a long time, only come to find out, people had been there for over a day!
naenaeelizabeth Oct 21, 2010
getting up at 3:30 in the morning and heading to walmart and standing there waiting for them to tell us that we can start shopping
jmahurin40 Oct 21, 2010
I use to work night shift @ our local hospital and then fought the crowds on black friday. That was a tiring morning especially if I didn't fare well on the bargains.
idashling Oct 21, 2010
Black Friday has been a yearly bonding experience with my best friend who lives on the other coast & comes back for thanksgiving and Christmas. We always go after the camera deals at best buy (I always end up losing or breaking it...) and we would have to start waiting at like 9pm!! Because it gets super cold we always gotta bundle up head to toe like Eskimos and we'd sit on large black garbage bags so we wouldn't have to carry around chairs....& We'd just spend the hours just catching up onthe year we've been apart. :)"
faith85 Oct 21, 2010
For four months, I worked as a cashier in a WalMart in Canada. Before store-openings, we would have a team meeting. This one morning meeting fell on a Black Friday which our Store Manager had mentioned in passing. She said that it might have an affect on us, but didn't go into further detail. Prior to this, I would only hear a brief mention of Black Friday on the news, but that would be it. Little did I know just how big Black Friday really was. Just an hour or so into my shift, our debit/credit system crashed. You don't realize the importance of the atm and debit/credit system especially during Christmas shopping until it is no longer working. The line-ups were getting longer, and the customers were getting more frustrated. This crash was a huge dilemma which seemed to have no end in sight. WalMart was loosing business fast with customers walking out. We were trying to get any customers who were paying with cash to come to the front of the line. It was pure chaos. When they got the system up and running we were jumping for joy. As a result of that I knew that once I had moved to the States, I just had to take part in a Black Friday. It was awesome! My husband and I stayed up late so we wouldn't miss the Best Buy sales. We should of did some research because we were in no way prepared, but we had fun!
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xChrisDuran Oct 21, 2010
I remember as a child, bBack Friday was always one of the highlights of the season. The Thursday before would always be the planning of our following day's routine. There of course would be no sleep involved from Thursday into Friday, it was all too exciting (especially for me as a child). My first memory of a black Friday even would have to have been when I was about 5 years old. My Mother and I stayed up all night and drove over to our local Walmart. We were one of the first persons in line and received "early bird" coupons. One by one they would let the guest in, giving the first few a couple of mins to run through the store before the next. It was so hectic! I remember running around with my mother and just grabbing what she told me to grab. People where packing aisles after aisles. It was absolute mayhem. The reason why I remember that year's Black Friday so much, was because we were able to buy family presents (well at least it was my first memory that I gave presents). I'll never forget that day.. or the mean lady who tried to take away my action figure. Luckily my super hero, my mommy, came to my rescue. Happy Black Friday Everyone! [=
itskenneth Oct 21, 2010
Been black friday shopping for few years now. Always a great way to stay up all night to wait in the long lines. Probably my most memorable one was about 6 years ago at office depot. I remembered getting there around 2AM and there was already a HUGE line. Once they opened, everyone pushed and shoved so we all had to line up correctly or they wouldn't let us in. waited for about another 30 min after the door opened since too many people couldn't be in there for safety issues. Once I got in, i still remember i was only 14 and with my sister. We really didn't have a goal to get something in particular but we came across a computer and it was really cheap i guess. $450 for a desktop wasn't too bad, especially if i was only using it for school work. After we ordered it through the store with free shipping, I was excited since it was my first computer. Then after that we headed to a local mall around the area and it took us over 1 hour just to find parking! AND once we found one, someone decided to steal our space. After that, it took us about 20 more minutes to find another parking. Once we got in, the lines to the stores were crazy! We were stupid to not have one wait in line while the other shops. Waited over an hour in line just to pay. It was ridiculous. Black Friday seriously brings out the bad in people. Won't be going to the mall again on black friday unless theres something i really want. For this year, i'm probably going to try Wal-Mart or the Apple store. Depends on the sales they have. And also this time, I learned my lesson to leave early so maybe after dinner I will head out to the spot with a good cup of hot coffee.
dustdle Oct 21, 2010
I once got extra "item tickets" at the Black Friday stores lines and sell some of them back to the people in the back of the line to make a profit.
Loves2spoon Oct 21, 2010
I've never shopped on black friday but I did work 18 hours last year on that day! I remember waking up at 3am and getting ready for work, arriving in the parking lot I see a massive line... Thousands of people ready to kill the person in front of them to get the $100 computer! lol I parked my car and had my jacket on hiding my employee polo shirt, I cut in the very front of the line while talking to another associate! Needless to say they were not happy campers, no pun intended! lmao. I took off my jacket and calmed down the crowd, it was 10 minutes until opening and it was my first black friday, I was a little nervous and excited to see how much I could sell that day! As I finished my red bull the doors opened and the store was flooded with customers running towards the computer dept. I had a line of 100+ people at my register in 10 seconds! After 6 straight hours of checking people out I was exhausted, I've never been happier to leave for lunch and get out of my store! 18 hours later and $120,000 of merchandise sold I think I had a pretty good day! I hope to be able to spend time with my family this year and buy them something nice on black friday with a $200 gift card! Happy Holidays! =)
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GadgetDon Oct 21, 2010
Target's been my favorite store - it's where I found a Wii first year it was out, and the crowds seem a little less insane than elsewhere. I'm not great on crowds, so I don't hit a lot of stores. Got a great price on a digital camera last year for a friend.
Nikitasmith01 Oct 21, 2010
Last year my mom sister a friend and I went to Target to get a keyboard and some other things. The main item though was for the keyboard. However after standing in line for a half an hour a rep came out and said a limited amount of TVs and other items were sent, not the entire shipment that they expected. My mom decided to ask how many keyboards.. he said 3. well we decided snce he didnt say 0 we were stayig and going to try out best to get the keyboard. as soon as we were let in, mind our plan was to stick together. My mom flew in like a bat out of hell, she's very shprt mind you so she was lost amongst everyone. By the time the rest of us made our way back we see her bobbing in and out of isles and people then finally throwing her self on to two keyboard boxes and hanging on to them for dear life yelling 'GRAB A CART GRAB A CART HURRY UP HURRY UP!!!" There wasn't even anyone else trying to get any keyboards. the whole thing was just too funny.
conqui25 Oct 21, 2010
On Black Friday a few years ago I went I went to Office Depot and Office Max. Got a bunch of stuff including tech gadgets for free after rebate. I mean, what's better than FREE?
nobleone Oct 21, 2010
Actually this is a story of two Black Fridays... Year One, I really had no specific plan except to get to my local Walmart as early as possible because they had announced some killer deals on some electronics, CD box sets, and other items I had specifically planned on purchasing for specific people. Arriving to the store at O-Clock Early, I am confronted with a line that wraps around the entire store. Still excited and anticipating grabing some cool gifts plus saving some cash I stand in line for 3+ hours. The doors finally open and the herd pushes in! There appeared to be no crowd control at all! It was like being in a can of sardines! One moment I literally could not move for a good ten minutes, the crowds pushing and shoving and grabbing! Anyone with claustophobia issues would have been in panic! I was able to grab one item, a boxed CD set, and got out of there swearing I would never darken the doors of any store on Black Friday! Now the following year, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at the parents house (different area of Southern California) and the rest of the family headed out to the River for the extended weekend. Though I had a very bad experience with Black Friday the previous year, there was a Best Buy advertisement for a computer system at a price I couldn't resist. I had also seen a few more items at smaller stores that made me decide to brave Black Friday madness again. Once again I head out to the store and get ready to stand/sit for 4 hours. The lines are still crazy long, almost completely around the store again. However; this experiemce was turning out a lot better than my previous Black Friday experience. There was actual crowd control and Best Buy employees actually were coming out with coupons for the most desired items, whch included my computer system. They passed these pickup receipts to those in line desiring these items until the receipts ran out. All very organized and luckily there were no unpleasant incidents when someone did not get an receipt for a desired item. I was lucky enough to get the next to last pick up receipt for my computer, make my purchase and get out of the store. Even though I disliked the wait in the cold and the wait to get my item and pay, I was bold enough to actually hit a couple more stores and ended up being lucky to get all my desired items and back home before 11 AM! Though I will always try to order online whenever possible, my relatively painless experiences of Black Friday, Year Two have provided me with an open mind about going out again this year - so long as there is something on such a great special to induce me to give serious thought too braving the lines and cold again.
lambchop1965 Oct 21, 2010
I always go Blackfriday shopping with my oldest daughter. We make our game plan on Thanksgiving and then get up @ 3:00 am and we are on our way. We make sure we know what we want from each store and we walk fast. We always get Starbucks and go for a nice lunch. Then we get home around 2:00 pm and take a good nap.
zion777 Oct 21, 2010
I was at Wal-Mart I really wasn't looking for anything specific, I just couldn't believe the pushing and shoving people were doing just to get a TV.I just stood back and couldn't believe my eyes.
nguyenf Oct 21, 2010
A few years a go, I swung by my local Best Buy after a unsuccessful run at Circuit City for some door buster deals. This was about 4 hours after their doors had open and I asked one of the clerks if they still had any of the $300 eMachine + Monitor & Printer deals in stock. He checked the inventory and said yes. So we went out in search for it but to no avail. I have given up hope at this point and started to precede to the exit as I noticed a bundle sitting in an abandon cart, I asked one of the workers if it was fine if I took it since it was sitting there for awhile. Luckily no one had claimed it and I was free to take it. I gave the computer to my niece and couldn't have been anymore pleased, so was her mother. I primarily shop online (DealsPlus for my bargain needs!) now and rarely go out camping/shopping at those retail box stores.
lilliput Oct 21, 2010
Going with my husband to get thumb drives or flash drives that were half the price they'd normally cost. This was at a time when getting memory in the GB was still costly.
MissingLynxx Oct 21, 2010
My favorite Black Friday memory was standing in the cold at 5am to buy Tickle Me Elmo for my nephew! Everyone got to be friends and someone went across the street to get coffee. It was actually fun and kind of exhilarating! Plus he was thrilled with it!
eseberg Oct 21, 2010
Last year my wife and I discussed what to get, I got to Menards about 5:50, when I saw the line start to move I got out of the car and got in line. Once inside I knew where to go, had my items picked, checked out and was home by seven. My wife asked if I'd gotten somethingorother, I said no she said she didn't want one. She said she'd changed her mind so back I went. Found the item right away, waited in line for over an hour to check out. Oh well.
jacqgrif Oct 21, 2010
I remember standing in the rain at 2 a.m. waiting for the store to open to get a Game Boy. That was in last time I got up that early, actually, I don't think I ever went to bed! LOL. Oh well! Adventures are what life is made of! Thank You!!
rsj2000mrs Oct 21, 2010
Most of my favorite Black Friday memories include waiting in lines starting at 2 am to get our favorite toys for great deals at Kaybee toys...I sure do miss them. 2002 was the best that I can remember, waiting in line and rushing in to get Gameboy Advances for my Step-Children. It was a mad-house but got some great stuff for awesome prices that day.
skwigger Oct 21, 2010
My girlfriend and I started Black Friday shopping a few years ago. We've never taken it too seriously. There are things we'd really like to get, but go knowing there's a good chance it'll sell out before we get there. It's fun watching everyone else run around frantically for things. You can tell the rookies from the veterans. Some people don't know what to expect, show up a few minutes before the store opens, and are shocked to see hundreds in front of them, while others get there the evening before, camp out, and have the entire store mapped out, ready to split up and grab everything they came for in a matter of minutes.
PapaLos Oct 21, 2010
My fave memory is me and my cousin, my black friday partner, in Target. After breaking night in the Best Buy line and breaking a record of being in and out of there in 3 minutes, Target proved to be more difficult. We were being trampled by a mob of crazy, over excited shoppers and in the process of trying to grab our stuff and run, we got cut off by a line like 20 carts long. My cousin was screaming, "Go that way! There's an opening over there!" And caught up in my emotions and seeing no way out I said "The hell with me, go!!" He screamed, "NO! We came together, we rollin' together!!" Then I replied "Bad Boys for life!!!" Everyone around us was laughing at us. And the girl in front of me heard my passion and let me through.
netter1114 Oct 21, 2010
Two years ago my daughter who is now 2, was a 1 month old premie. I had been off of work most of my pregnancy due to complications so we were broke. I really wanted to go Shopping on Black Friday as I knew I had a limited budget and a large list of gifts to get for my family. We went to my parents in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving and ended staying over night due to the weather. I was bummed. The nearest descent mall was 1 hour away, but there was a mini mall 20 min away and had a few stores that would work for my list. The women of the family thought it would be nice if we all went shopping together. This was scary- me ,my Mom and my grandmother, my Mom's mother in law. They dont really do well in the same room, much less shop together at 5 am! And of course no one wanted to stay home and take care of the baby. So the 4 of us, in a minivan headed out in very cold and icy conditions to get to the mini mall 20 min away! Funny thing was it was fun! Everyone got along, I got some great deals and the inlaws got along :)
CHELITA_109 Oct 21, 2010
I LOVE the Black Friday Sale!!! I wake up early every year and do my shopping. This year I will shop for electronics okay and maybe some clothes.:) I cant wait! Black Friday here I come!!!
spencerdaddyo Oct 21, 2010
Yeah, I enjoyed driving to a Best Buy store at 3:00 am, only to find a long line, and standing in the rain for a really good buy - worth it all.
epoohza Oct 21, 2010
Black friday, i usually go to Best Buy. looking for any good computer and laptop deal and movies. this year, i want to get myself macbook pro
ardy22 Oct 21, 2010
A couple of years ago, my brother and I decided to leave at 2 am to get in line for a great deal on a laptop. It worked. We were about 10 th in line and got our laptop at a great price ardy22 at earthlink dot net
nickypm Oct 21, 2010
My first Black Friday shopping I didn't know what to expect. I was working really long hours trying to make a deadline at work but wanted to buy a bike for a family friend for Christmas. I saw a great deal in the paper on Thanksgiving so I thought, "why not?". I set the alarm for 4:30 am groggily drove to my local store. Imagine my surprise to see all the people who'd been there since 1 am or 2 am! When the stores doors opened I thought I had no chance of getting the bike. I walked in at the back of the crowd only to find that there were a few bikes left on a display at the front of the store! People were in such a hurry to get to the toy dept. To get the bikes, they ran right past them! I bought my bargain and still made it to work by 6:30am.
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crazymoto Oct 21, 2010
I plan on shopping @ target,sams, and kohls! Last year was a lot of fun although it was FREEZING outside. Hoping to have a wonderful black friday again this year
julybug17 Oct 21, 2010
A few years ago, my dad and best friend went to Walmart for Black Friday deals. After we waited 2 hours, a group of people who came last cut the line and it was chaos after that. We were at the end of the line so I thought there was no way we were going to get anything good. I stayed with the cart while my bff ran to grabbed things. While waiting I met two elderly women and they asked me what a portable dvd player was. After explaining the functions, they decided that it wasn't what they needed. The ladies gave them and two printers to me. So I ended up getting what I wanted at the end. Thank you!
iwannawin Oct 21, 2010
don't have a black friday story..cause i never had the money to buy anything..but if i won i would camp out on black friday and get the laptop that i always wanted
Carolyn75 Oct 21, 2010
Have only been Black Friday shopping twice and I thought I was nuts both times. People are crazy that day, acting like their mommas didn't teach them any manners. Now it would be a different story if I won a giftcard, might drag my hubby out of bed and make him go with me :)
ckfrrt Oct 21, 2010
Every Thanksgiving and for the week before we scour all the store adds and on Thanksgiving after everone is full we plan our shopping strategy which stores have the best deals and which ones open the earliest and go shopping every black Friday.
tylerdowland Oct 21, 2010
My girlfriend came home with me for Thanksgiving break for her first Thanksgiving with me and my family. She "always" goes Black Friday shopping. I NEVER go Black Friday shopping. It was a near breakup moment when she woke me up at 5:00am. haha I was even more infuriated when she said that she had let me "sleep in" until 5am. We had a great time, found lots of deals, and decided that, provided we had the money, we'd love to do that together again!
SassieBrat Oct 21, 2010
My best Black Friday story is from a few years back. I was up early trying to order a new laptop on line, but things just weren't working on the website, so I clicked over to Best Buy, found a good deal on a laptop, and the best part... I could order it on line, and then go pick it up at the store!! No waiting in long lines in the cold & dark, no stampedes.... I waited till the rush was over, drove to the store, handed them the info, brought the laptop home, all in less than an hour! I usually spend Black Friday at home, waiting till Cyber Monday.. I so much prefer shopping on line
jenni104 Oct 21, 2010
Mine would be when the man I was dating 10 years ago, went out at 3a.m. and sat in a line to get into Wal Mart for their special deals; just to make sure my sons had a really great Xmas with a new TV and game systems and some other stuff. He made sure I stayed home all nice and warm with fresh coffee brewed. That was also the first year I ever had to do returns after Xmas though lol. So, my favorite one is the one I didn't have to mess with! lol :D Thank goodness for online shopping; now I can have more warm ones to look forward to.
MasonIII Oct 21, 2010
Went around best buys trying to find a cheap ipod. Ended up buying a 20$ sandisk that has served me so well even after the screen gave out.
dasasc Oct 21, 2010
We love to hit the Best Buy deals on that Friday. The best part is some of the local restaurants provide coffee and breakfast to those in line.
Chiisexy Oct 21, 2010
Standing in line last year for Best Buy was the most fun I have ever had on a Black Friday. I met and shopped with some awesome people! We shared water and also traded flyers that we received that were wrong. We are still friends today!
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tylerdowland Oct 21, 2010
My gf came to home with me for Thanksgiving break. She "always" goes black Friday shopping. Needless to say, it was a near breakup moment when she woke me up that morning at 5:00am. haha We had a lot of fun, saved a TON of money, and decided that we'd love, provided we have the money, to do that again and make more good memories.
tonytouch_28 Oct 21, 2010
My favorite Black Friday memory is a few years back when my birthday (Nov. 28th) fell on BF & my friends showed up at my house at 3am to go shopping!
Obabystar Oct 21, 2010
Wow Christmas shopping I come!!
pbkup1 Oct 21, 2010
I like to do online shopping and go to the store I go w/ friends and we make a whole day of fun!
ladyt64 Oct 21, 2010
My husband and I both love shopping on Black Friday. We always check the internet to see if the ads are available early and try to set our game plan from there. We are out the door around 3:30 am and he drops me off at the first place i want to go and he goes to the next place then he picks me up and we go together from there.
nicolemarie045 Oct 21, 2010
Mine would for sure be throwing my 11 year old sister into the crowd to snag a laptop for sale at Best buy 2 years ago. She was little, and short and could weave in and out..we got it! :)
katydid2590 Oct 21, 2010
I like to print out where I'm going in advance by watching the Black Friday sale announcements. Then I plan my route and make a day of it! Hopefully saving a ton of money in the process.
Mutalator Oct 21, 2010
For me Black Friday is just about trying to get the best deals that you can find, planning out a route with your friends or loved ones and having a great day. No stress or anything.
preety Oct 21, 2010
I never went to a Black Friday sale before, So i went with a friend to Buy 52" Samsung Lcd Tv from Best Buy store with one of my best friend...What is crazy about it ?????? I was 8 months Pregnant...imagine that!!!!
patelminesh22 Oct 21, 2010
Black Friday reminds me of Chilly winter night....last year I queued with my friends outside Target store for getting 1TB Harddrive which was for $59.99. I was there outside since night 1 am. The atmosphere was really good people standing in queues for getting the stuff they want. We actually had blankets,cookies packed for surviving in the Minnesota chilly winters.I was really excited to get my stuff so that I was able to gift all of them to my cousins and friends.
gbphipps Oct 21, 2010
When we lived in Minnesota, I was a student and my husband was recently out of school and having difficulty finding a job due to his visual impairment. People can have assumptions about the limitations of blind people, without knowing the facts, but I digress. We did not have much money for Christmas gifts that year and I made as many as I could, between working for the university and going to school. But I had seen the perfect gift for his grandmother in a Black Friday flier. My husband hates crowds (and I am not thrilled with crowds either) so we went to Dayton's when the store opened in the morning. We went straight to the housewares department and bought Grandma a beautiful set of stainless steel flatware with a shell on the handle for her summer cottage in Maine (so appropriate). She had only a few mismatched old pieces there and there was never enough silverware for everyone if the family gathered. People had ended up bringing their own forks and spoons if they came over to eat and then it was a mess sorting everyone's back out while doing the dishes in the stone kitchen sink. The whole set was available for a price we could pay and we paid and left the mall. We were so excited to give the set to her and she was thrilled. The beauty of Black Friday is finding that special gift for someone you could never afford without a fantastic sale. Grandma died a few years back, but she used that set right up until she died and it is still in use in the family summer cottage. Every time we see the little shell pattern on the bottom, I smile and I remember that time when we were young and so very poor.
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jamesjr55 Oct 21, 2010
If I win this I will be going out on black friday
jusywho Oct 21, 2010
I generally sleep in on Black Friday. The year that Tickle Me Elmo was the rage I happen to get up early for no reason. I decided to head over to the Caldors by me. What do I see but a somewhat quiet store and they had Elmos. Well, I napped one. Christmas shopping for one completed. I think my sister still has it in the box :)
kochleffel Oct 21, 2010
My Black Friday comment is basically "no comment" - I've always had to work!
willitara Oct 21, 2010
I'm not too fond of getting up early, early, early to stand in line in the freezing cold for a couple of hours but one year my daughter had to work and asked me to shop for the grandkids. I did. I got there early and got what she wanted and then she returned it all!!! I've never done it again.
bdsam385 Oct 21, 2010
It has been a tradition for my mom, sister and I to go out on black friday for the past 10 years. We always go to Target first, then Wal-Mart and then K-Mart. Then we hit the other stores. When we are finished shopping, we always eat at a diner called Sam's. I always get 80% of Christmas shopping done on black friday. I love the rush of getting the sales papers and then going out at 3 am!!
Lnychick83 Oct 21, 2010
Last year we headed out at 10pm to get to our local outlet mall and camped out there till midnight when all the stores opened. I picked out all of my clothing that I was going to get everyone while we were out there. At 5:30am we left the outlet mall and stopped at Walmart to grab some of the toy deals there.
anashct Oct 21, 2010
i want computers and toys on black friday at none else but walamrt
scarter305 Oct 21, 2010
My plan this year is to read all the ads the day before, plot out my shopping, start early and be having brunch by 11am.
dresdenrain Oct 21, 2010
I remember about 10 years ago my son wanted something from Best Buy and we ended up going early and had to get in line outside and standing in the rain to try to buy what he wanted!
nikki57 Oct 21, 2010
My favorite black friday memory was a few years ago when we slept outside while it was snowing to get my now husband a laptop. I have never been so cold and when you're that cold you should not have to pee in a cup. It's just not cool
miryfaye Oct 21, 2010
My favorite memory was last year. My husband surprised me by taking my shopping since my birthday was coming up. It was so busy, but I got some great deal!
lisalmg Oct 21, 2010
My favorite Black Friday memory was 5 years ago. My brother and I decided to camp out at Best Buy for a great laptop deal. I hardly ever get to spend time with my brother anymore since we both have families and busy lives so it was so much fun. We spent all day Thanksgiving Day and the whole night talking about our childhood and currently lives and we really got a chance to reconnect. The second best part was that we were first and second in line so we got our laptops as well!
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branie Oct 21, 2010
So many memories over the years of Black Friday. When I was a kid getting up early and heading into town (Boston) as we call it. To see so many people out and about looking for bargains was amazing. Faneuil Hall also known as Quincy Market busy just like a summer day. As I teen the mall was my favorite place to shop for Black Friday, getting a parking space without a fight was always a challenge, but we always found one even if it took 30 minutes, lol :) Now as an adult and married, my husband and I will make a list the night before and head out Friday morning, we will hit the mall, big box stores and then end the day with a nice lunch or dinner. Looking forward to another Black Friday and hoping for the best deals and sales of 2010.
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MrsWW57 Oct 21, 2010
I usually have to work during the pre-morning hours of Black Friday, but I have that day off this year! So I will be able to look for gifts for my grandkids.
smitch01 Oct 21, 2010
My favorite black friday story was camping out at a Best Buy. It was so much fun! I met the best people and it was like one big party. On top of that I got the deal I was waiting for. It was a lot of fun! msjem2001 at yahoo dot com
JH33194 Oct 21, 2010
Before my MIL passed away, we always went up north to her house for Thanksgiving. My step-SIL and I would look over the ad papers that night and make a plan, which stores to hit first, which ads we could use to price match at Walmart. Then we would get up before our hunter husbands and head out on a 45 minute drive to hit the crazy stores! We had a blast!!
scoops Oct 21, 2010
My favorite Black Friday was back when I was a mother, sister & I always got up early to shop the Black Friday deals. But one year, my father decided he wanted to go as well. I don't recall what we bought, but the memory of the look of sheer mortification and pure terror on my father's face still gets a giggle!
krafty9440 Oct 21, 2010
Early to bed, early to rise, especially on Black Friday.
dddiva Oct 21, 2010
My best deals on Black Friday for the last few years were actually online at Macy's. Kitchen Aid and Lennox were the big scores.
ediegr Oct 21, 2010
Black Friday - Standing in the cold, waiting to get inside to grab the best deals before anyone else, and then standing in a long line to purchase the items that you just grabbed off the shelves before the person standing next to you decided to buy it or not. It doesn't sound like fun, but I still remember the excitement and then telling everyone how I got up at 4am so I could be one of the first in line. But the real thrill? When my son slept under the Christmas tree, so he wouldn't miss out on opening up that present on Christmas morning and give that look of amazement while I thought back on waiting in line thinking of this exact moment.
naynays1 Oct 21, 2010
My sister and i went out on Black Friday last year. We scored some great stuff, but we also froze out there. But we will do it again. Even though money is tight we did get some great items for cheap. mightynaynay(at)
slehan Oct 21, 2010
My plan for BF is to have Thanksgiving dinner at my friend's house. Her grown kids & grandkids go to other grandparents on Thanksgiving so we celebrate it on Friday.
pieinc Oct 20, 2010
Last Black Friday was made my heart BLACK for any other black Friday to come! I am an avid handbag collector, and I stayed up all night to go to the US/Mexico Border outlets to snipe some cool deals at the Coach Outlet. Little did I know the REAL deal. I was in traffic for an hour and a half to find a parking space that was almost across the border...I almost needed a passport to get back to my car! Walking in the dark with hundreds of people at 3am (that's when they opened) for 15mn I finally reached my destination THE END OF AN 3 HOUR LONG LINE!!!! I was the dumb one to wait..and guess what...the "Sale" was the exact same deal that I have been getting right here on Deals Plus ALL YEAR LONG!! 20% Off the whole store???? HUh? I was MORTIFIED! So my suggestion is to have deals plus post deals that are deals that you get here all year long and save the heart ache! (womp-womp) Oh this is my best, worst and last of ANY Friday named "Black".
benny8484 Oct 20, 2010
Plans? Family and food! And a little shopping...
Taminar Oct 20, 2010
The best Black Friday I ever had was probably about five years ago. Money was tight, but I was able to get about 10 things that were either free or really cheap after rebate: two phones, a surge protector, a mini-mouse (I finally got a laptop last year and have been able to use it). That was the best. You just don't see deals like that any more.
macmomof3 Oct 20, 2010
I wish I had pictures from my Black Friday shopping last year. I convinced my husband to come out with me at midnight to Toys R Us. I wanted to get my kids the infamous Zhu ZHu pets and score some other deals. When we pull into the parking lots he sees the line wrapping around the building and into the parking lot so he says I can make the line and he will wait in the car. I make the line that took about 45 minutes to get into the store. Once inside it was a madhouse with no shopping carts available. I had to scramble for the deals I wanted like the $5 pack of diapers, the $12 digital camera, $5 Spongebob Handbags, and $3 Littlest Pet Shop Toys. I had to hold all my stuff then make the line that took well over 2 hours to pay. Meanwhile my husband is waiting in the parking lot getting infuriated. He passed the time calling into some late night sports radio shows which I found soo funny.
eaglesforjack Oct 20, 2010
I love going out on black friday, sometimes I talk my hubby into going too and hitting a few stores for me and then I come home and check whats left online. my goal is to save a love and get everything done in One day no going back well until the clearance sales the day after christams : )
pauline15 Oct 20, 2010
I fondly remember going to stand outside of Shopko for a Black Friday sale and took my 1 year old son with me since I didn't have a sitter. I woke him up at 3 a.m. and held onto him until the store opened at 5 a.m. He kept telling everyone around us, "Mom, this is crazy!?!". Everybody had a big laugh from him!
Elkaye Oct 20, 2010
I like to watch Black Friday shoppers on the news and get my deals online.
blopatin Oct 20, 2010
My favorite memory was in my husband's store about 15 years ago (he's a retail mgr)...the register's went down and the lines were getting longer. I mean the length of the store long. The lady I was with started singing Christmas carols and pretty soon everyone joined in. What could have been a very bad situation and a lot of lost business turned into a really incredible memory of Christmas cheer!
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CouponBagGal Oct 20, 2010
I'm going to go shopping on Black Friday for the 1st time this year! I'm so excited! A little extra cash would surely make things more fun. xD
codisweepstakes2 Oct 20, 2010
My craziest Black Friday memory was when I worked at Best Buy. People literally stampeded through the doors when they opened and I witnessed two grown women literally fight over a DVD player. My best Black Friday memory was shopping with my mom and aunt when I was younger...I still remember that special feeling seeing all the Christmas decorations. :) Thanks for the contest! codisweepstakes2 (@) gmail(dot)com
Peesheee Oct 20, 2010
Walking around bestbuy at 6am to find 40 bucks on the floor and no one around to claim it. cha ching!!
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kimberlybb1 Oct 20, 2010
Can't wait for Black Friday this year! Got my game plan and it's ON!!! Dealsplus ROCKS!!!
fieljana Oct 20, 2010
My favorite memory is "camping" out in Walmart for a big screen TV for my brother. There were only a limited number of seats and anyone filling a seat at 6am got the priviledge of purchasing a big TV for little $$$. That is the joke in the family on Thanksgiving now..... "Hey you wanna go camp out in Walmart???" lol
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twista888 Oct 20, 2010
Crazy FB is right around the corner!!!
TheAmandazzle Oct 20, 2010
Black Friday is the best holiday EVER!!! heheee I lOVE LOVE LOVE the super duper great deals! it saves me money and i can buy new things :) and when things are on sale i will buy new things ive never used/tried before and most likely end up liking them! :D i wake up at 1 or 2 am just to get to stores early with my dad,... every year my dad and i wake up early and stand in the freezing cold for the deals!
jgoldma1 Oct 20, 2010
One Thanksgiving, about 3 years ago, I went out on Thursday night to catch a movie. I was out late and by the time I got home, everyone at the house was fast asleep. That's when I realized I had forgotten my key! I know the garage code, so I tried to get into the house that way, but when I opened up the garage and tried the door to the house, it was locked! Seriously, who locks the garage door when the garage has a code?! I tried calling the house but no one woke up to answer. By this time, it was around 2am and it was freezing outside (Midwest Thanksgiving). So I hopped back into my car (couldn't pull it into the garage as there were cars parked in there already), and tried to get a little bit of sleep. It was so cold in the car, I couldn't fall asleep so I drove over to the closest mall and went shopping on black friday until everyone was awake again at the house and I could come home. And found some good deals too!
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cdc0329 Oct 20, 2010
I have drafted my Mom for Black Friday the last few years, and as of last year also my brother, and my son's girlfriend! We have a blast getting great deals and shopping together. Last year at Walmart, my Mom wanted two big tvs a 36" and a 42", my son's girlfriend got lots of goodies for their upcoming departure to college. We were quiet a sight with our buggies with two tv's , a vacuum, dishes, and all our other goodies! It took all of us to carry and load after which we realized we had to go home and unload! We bought so much at Walmart we couldn't go anywhere else, we were full!! Looking forward to this years deals, already got a list going!!
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CapedJackass Oct 20, 2010
Alas I am a Black Friday worker, and am at the office that day. I do love Online Monday, or whatever the name of the online shopping spree is following the weekend.
mjp1531 Oct 20, 2010
I LOVE BF!!!! It is one of my most favorite days of the year!! I especially love seeing the kids faces on Christmas morning when they open up all of the great stuff I got BF!!!
acrook Oct 20, 2010
I hide in my house on Black Friday. I can online shop but I'm scared of leaving and going into the swirling vortex of death that is Black Friday shopping.
shootergavin Oct 20, 2010
My best memory was waiting in line begining at 9pm to get some of the real door busters before the big box stores realized what kind of money maker this weekend was and began to "leak" the ads early to the public. Also getting a 42 LCD inch TV back in '05 for $1000. Now you can pick one up for around half that.
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angus404 Oct 20, 2010
About 3 years ago I waited outside Best Buy from 1am to get a good deal. I didn't get done with checking out until about 11 am. Once I got in the store, I stood in line for almost 5 hours. I don't think I'll do that again.
tbharden Oct 20, 2010
Some years it is better than others. I have been BF shopping for several years now. One place I usually like to go first is Wal-Mart...But it was a big MESS last year. I guess they tried to "organize" it...but they caused so much confusion and aggrivation. Gonna have to weigh it out this year go or not go :/
miss_frenchye Oct 20, 2010
I've never managed to shop on black Friday, by the time the day would come, I wouldnt have any spare money left for shopping.
babajou99 Oct 20, 2010
I always look for this time of the year when the Black Friday comes. I get to go to different stores and buy all the things I need for the holidays. I have all the chances to check all the stores and see for myself which offers good buys. It is not only myself that enjoy doing this, my husband as well. We can shop till we drop. I don't mind waking up early and line up at my favorite store/s especially if they advertise that they are giving freebis.What a fun thing to do. This is one of those thing I enjoy the most!!!!
eddiewaldner Oct 20, 2010
My wife goes every year and it drives me crazy!!!! I have to stay home and watch the kids and she......shops. arghhh!!!!
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CATCGB Oct 20, 2010
I love Black Friday! My mom and I spend time together every year. We start Thanksgiving night planning our strategy. We even had T-shirts made last year that said "Black Friday , because we are not afraid to throw elbows."
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tesashel Oct 20, 2010
I remember one year being in a packed toy store and my friend climbed a ladder to get to a basketball that was on sale (really cheap). While up there, she asked if anyone else wanted one, and she just started throwing balls to everyone that yelled at her for one. That was one great Black Friday day!
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lovefool827 Oct 20, 2010
My mother and I go every year!!
semtaylor Oct 20, 2010
I always shop the day after Thanksgiving with my Mom, sisters and sister n law. We have a great day together. Our best memory is when we had shopped all day and had a trunk full so anything else we bought had to go in the car with us. My sister bought 125 tins of cookies to give out to employees at her company...We had cookies stacked in every inch of the car...I was driving and I even had some in my lap...
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yos12009 Oct 20, 2010
hello this is the 3rd time im planning to go n last two were alittle crazy i went there since 10 pm n already i was behind the line lol i made it in and alot of goodies were there now i hope i can get a little more of a sale thank u
kathya5084 Oct 20, 2010
I have never shopped on Black Friday - always had to work. Maybe this year will be the first!
chensx2007 Oct 20, 2010
Pick me, me, me!!!
KT_206 Oct 20, 2010
Unlike others, for the past 6 years, i've never got a chance to go shopping on the black Friday because i work for retail store and we are open at 4:30 on that day ... sigh ...
qdnguyen05 Oct 20, 2010
I need to shop a lot for a new home...up and early and ready to go!
erdius Oct 20, 2010
I remember waking up super early and getting to best buy at 6am. Unfortunately there were 20 people ahead of me and one of those 20 got the TV I wanted. I still managed to score some cheap DVDs....
couphunter2010 Oct 20, 2010
Thanks for the giveaway. My best(or worst) experience was to run in the Carson pirie scott store for 2 hours trying to take advantage of their $10 off $25 coupon and finding out 2 hours later that it cannot be used on 80% of the stuff in their store. It was very frustating and I have never set my foot in that store again.
vimalr Oct 20, 2010
I love to shop on Blackfriday. Last year i remember, without having any plans i got a PS3 just by seeing the price & big queue in Walmart.
chuckydealpl Oct 20, 2010
Best Black Friday deal was at Best Buy a couple of years back when I got a Nintendo Wii midday when they brought a pallet out to the floor when no one was expecting it. I was at the right place at the right time. All was gone in 30 seconds.
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horrorfreakshow Oct 20, 2010
My favorite black friday memory is when Wallmart had a laptop deal and i went early and waited in line to get it and the box didn't tell you the specs, and after asking several employees I finally discovered the hype as the laptop everyone was waiting in line and hoping to get had lousy specs and it wasn't advertised or put on the box.
atlantagal Oct 20, 2010
I have always gone shopping with my mom and sister on black friday, ever since I was in elementary school. Now it's something of a tradition! This year I hope to continue that and get a lot of my Christmas shopping out of the way early (rather than last-minute shopping!)
krafty9440 Oct 20, 2010
Black Friday is a family affair, we're all there when they open the doors.
makeetis Oct 20, 2010
I have been attending Black Fridays for so long. I believe they used to call it the blitz (maybe just around my area??). Every year I wait at the doors from about 2 in the morning so I can get in first. I go where I need and have learned NOT to turn my back on my cart..I had a half cart filled and someone took the one thing I wanted most of all..My son's race car track...There was no more and I could of cried...Luckily I went up to the front to pay and there was one that was on the counter behind the woman. I asked if it was anyones and she said someone didn't have enough money so they put it back and I asked if I could have it and she let me..It was a blessing...I will never EVER let my cart go without watching it every second..
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norcalgal Oct 19, 2010
When I was a new mom, I always went Black Friday shopping alone. Sort of a reward after all the Thanksgiving cooking. It was great to get so much done in one day. One year I actually finished all my shopping in one day!
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DchrisG3 Oct 19, 2010
My favorite Black Friday was when I scored four dvd players for under $100. That's all four for $100 and that was when dvd players were a lot more expensive.
shiloh19 Oct 19, 2010
Last year was the first time we were three generations in line for the sales, sure made the waiting in line part more fun with the addition of my granddaughter.
phantom000 Oct 19, 2010
My plan is to wait in line at Walmart 2 hours before the sale starts, so that i can get in on the early deals.
AIngramAR Oct 19, 2010
It was Black Friday 2009. We were up early waiting in line at Target for any deal we could find. There were about 50 people ahead of us. When we finally reached the door we spotted these 42 Inch Flat Screens and make a mad dash for them. We loaded up our shopping carts with four of them. What a deal at $400.00! We cautiously rolled around the store, protecting our lucky deals from late comers looking to grab your items. We finally made our way to the front check out, and the lines were extremely long. We stopped to have our picture taken for the Commercial Newspaper with a caption that read "Johnelle Peer and Angela Ingram were some of the early shoppers looking for deals at Target in Cordova before dawn on Friday. Target had lines around the building and throughout the store as shoppers searched for the best deals". We got to our car with our DEALS and realized that we had driven the Pontiac G6 compact car and could not fit these 4 Flat Screens and our bodies into that small car! Luckily my husband came to the rescue with the F150.
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akritical Oct 19, 2010
I plan on shopping online this Black Friday. Last year I bought a television for my dad from Walmart. It was quick and easy plus it was delivered right to his door. Perfect. I am definitely doing this again this year except I'll be getting a deal for myself!
honeypie411 Oct 19, 2010
My favorite black friday memory is all the women in my family getting up at 2:00 a.m. and meeting for a full day of bargain shopping for christmas. It's a total bonding experience, and we have a great time at lunch sharing our purchases.
bdiane34 Oct 19, 2010
I will be heading to Walmart this year for some nice xmas presents for the little ones, then probably will head over to Best Buy and Staples for some good electronic deals.
plmeek Oct 19, 2010
The Black Friday, I plan on getting up early and getting in on as many great bargains as I can! Not only will I be looking for Xmas gifts, it's also a great time to buy birthday gifts for the grandkids for next year!
antgly Oct 19, 2010
My favorite memory on Black Friday is not being able to go because my Dad was a control freak.
OV_099 Oct 19, 2010
Well, you see, this is why I would need to win one, so that way I can actually have a Black Friday experience! :) Never had one that I know of -- the closest that I remember was once when I was a kid being in Macy's for what should have been the day after Christmas, and I guess returning something. Just remember a lot of standing in line. LOL But rather figure on that Friday, bookstores will be kind of empty, so let me loose in them! :)
eryndb Oct 19, 2010
This year I am getting up early and hitting one of the big stores major sales. Of course when I say early, I mean around 8am. No way am I hitting the stores at 4am.
mommyto2 Oct 19, 2010
I remember going to eat with my 3 yr. old at Denny's at 3:00am for black friday. We were going to get her a trampoline from Walmart. I was about four months pregnant with my youngest daughter too. I don't know why but this memory just sticks with me. thanks for the giveaway.
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NCCAROLB Oct 19, 2010
My favorite Black Friday purchase was Rock Band with free guitar at Old Navy last year! Well, that ties with being able to load my cart on Thursday, save it, and then buy Early Bird sales on Friday morning online through and Great buys and still in my pajamas!
iplaytrack1224 Oct 19, 2010
Sweet blog and thanks for the giveaway! I would love, love, LOVE to win this! =]
paschott Oct 19, 2010
I don't have all too many BF stories for myself - I just don't find enough of the deals too compelling that I'm willing to drag myself out of bed that early (or stay up all night). My wife and her friend had one when our kids were really tiny. They were waiting for a Walmart sale outside and it was pretty chilly. The Walmart people were nice enough to let them inside, ahead of quite a few others. It didn't matter too much as all of their specials are wrapped tight, but they appreciated it. They had quite the time maneuvering through the store with the babies trying to get to their deals. After that, the kids stayed home and slept with their dads. :)
ferriz Oct 19, 2010
Last year I did my first ever black friday shopping trip. Unfortunately none of it turned out the way we wanted. We hit up best buy first, got a printer but none of the deals were that great. then my friends and i went to tillys where the first 50 people get a free giftcard worth $10-500. My friend got the $50, i got the $10. Oh well, got a few cute tops and I think after 15hrs of shopping, 2hrs of sleep, and a bunch of crazy ladies crashing into me with shopping carts the $16 total I spent at Tillys was it. :( This year I am shooting for a flat screen tv! : crosses fingers :
honeybun1121 Oct 18, 2010
I remember I would usually go black Friday shopping with my grandma and my momma. We'd go to Walmart and it would be packed! My grandma would get a ton of Christmas stuff. This Black Friday I will most likely be working:/
dwwalte Oct 18, 2010
I like to see what the special online deals are and shop from the comfort of home.
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chensx2007 Oct 18, 2010
I will definitely go to bestbuy and wait for their amazing doorburst deals: pick a computer or camera. Oh, maybe I will be attracted by other BF deals and go home with full shopping cart.
krafty9440 Oct 18, 2010
I am up early searching for bargains, that are on my shopping list.
anny31 Oct 18, 2010
hmm you prob find me in line at the local best buy... should i pop a test? be a bag lady foor the night? we shall see.
hbbs55 Oct 18, 2010
I plan on doing my black friday shopping on the internet, save gas, crowds and the insane parking. There are always great black friday deals online :)
OMGcupcakes Oct 18, 2010
I remember going to Black Friday one year with my best friend and her Mom. I had no idea such sweet, sweet women could turn into such savage people. We went to Wal-Mart, and I don't even remember what the big, cool thing was to have at the time, but I remember it was early, cold, and I was in a horrible mood. I shop online now on Black Friday, if I shop at all. Although, I'm hearing about this thing called Cyber Monday, which I'm really intrigued about!
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Acarone Oct 18, 2010
Check out (it's a sister site of It's gunna have the best cyber monday deals posted in one place. It's a great source if your interested in shopping on cyber monday.
gelibean Oct 18, 2010
This black friday I plan on finishing off my Christmas shopping for my son. Usually I spend the night before with my mom and we get up at about 5 to head out and start shopping.
evelyn1980 Oct 18, 2010
I love looking at the black friday ads and sitting down making a game plan of where I'll go first.I usually go to 8-10 stores and it's usually a crazy day of getting up at 2am to wait in lines. It's all well worth it though when I see my kids happy faces on Christmas morning!
sheesch1 Oct 18, 2010
In 2009 I was not able to get off of work for Black Friday but that did not stop me. After Thanksgiving dinner I drove 2 hours home. then got in my care and drove to my sister in law's house we then went shopping. Got on line at 3 am and waited on line for the store to open. With chairs blankets and lots of coffee. we hung out with others on the line had loads of laughs and it was freezing! Got to meet some interesting people, The store finally opened we each shared our list she went her way I went mine. when all was complete we got some really great deals. We then went to 3 more stores finally stopping at 8:30 am. I then drove to her house to "freshen" up and get ready for work. I got to work and it was extremely busy so I did not have time to be tired. At about 1 pm it slowed down and I was done. Drove home an hour drive and slept for hours. This Year I was lucky to get the day off and am looking forward to meeting new people on line. I was exhausted but had a great time and would do it again.
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saoder Oct 18, 2010
Not sure the plans yet. Stood in line at academy a few years back to get a REAL good deal on a handgun
sally0630 Oct 18, 2010
flyoverfoodie Oct 18, 2010
My best Black Friday memory is when my younger sister and I headed to Best Buy to check out something we had seen in an ad. We asked the sales guy if there were any of the item left. His reply "we sold the last one at 2 o'clock". And we both responded "Awwww, we just missed it". And he laughed and clarified "No, 2AM!". That's what we get for enjoying our morning coffee!!
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mislove13 Oct 18, 2010
I will never forget the Black Friday where my aunt played tug of war with another patron for the last girls' bicycle. My aunt won!
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kirklund Oct 18, 2010
I will be shopping at best buy
Nichols705 Oct 18, 2010
That would be so great!! Your website is sooo helpful!!!
llinda29 Oct 18, 2010
This will make my day
luigifranco Oct 18, 2010
I'll be shopping online. Hope to get a new LED TV.
v1a1v1 Oct 17, 2010
I usually shop online during Black Friday, last year I managed to get 5 free decent computer games.
emperorhawkeye Oct 17, 2010
I think my best Black Friday, was the one where I said out in front of Staples to buy a laptop for my wife. The staples was right beside a Circuit City where I ended up making friends with another crazy shopper that was camping out in front of the stores. It ended up that we were both shopping for laptops for our wives. Since both stores were advertising laptops on sale that Black Friday, we ended up helping each other out by buying two laptops from each store and then reviewing them after the madness to see which laptop was the best deal. So while the weather outside was not very nice, it ended up being my first Black Friday positive experience. These days, I try to find the deals online instead of sitting outside in the cold weather, but you never know, I may decide to go back outside if the right deal comes along.
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angief81 Oct 17, 2010
I look forward to Black Friday all year long! This year a grpup of us are camping out the best deals. Im so excited!
janettwokay Oct 17, 2010
My favorite Black Friday memory is of hitting the local electronics store late in the afternoon with my son to see what $3 DVD movies were left on the shelves. We found plenty and since we were there so late in the day, the checkout stands weren't as busy. That was probably my best Black Friday ever.
ajmarcus Oct 17, 2010
Every year, it is important for my fiance and I to go out and pick out our nieces and nephews presents. This year, though, we will not be partaking. This year, my best friend will be getting married on Saturday the 27th, and I will be the maid of honor, so we will be driving the three hours to make it to her rehearsal dinner on time to decorate. We are looking forward to this, and hoping to maybe go shopping on Saturday!
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uberabby2 Oct 17, 2010
I usually try to do my black friday shopping online. I log on early and check out some shopping sites (best buy, amazon, kohls, as a few examples), because they often offer the same deal without all the craziness! Then we usually go in the afternoon to see what's left!
corkytroll Oct 17, 2010
Black Friday has always been a tradition for us. We pick our stores the night before from the flyers in the newspaper. Then we get up early, grab coffee and head to stand in line for the hot deals!! Watching all of the crazy people run like a stampede of elephants is extremely entertaining. I plan to do Black Friday every year!
happyenchilada Oct 17, 2010
My favorite Black Friday was a couple of years ago when I found out I could stay at home and shop online instead of fighting crazy Helga shoppers over a digital picture frame (long scary story from the year before). I stayed home found all the deals online, put my feet up, made some killer lattes and shopped until my fingers gave out!!!
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DDFuller Oct 17, 2010
2 years ago our house was struck by lightening and it took out our big screen tv, as well as other electronics! So this year on black friday we plan on taking the money we have saved and buy a new big screen to replace the one we lost. Finally!!!!
Ejayde Oct 17, 2010
I remember when I was younger, I used to live with my mom. Every black Friday my mom would wake me up at around 6am. I would get dress and get in the car where I would fall asleep again. We'd end up going to stores such as Wal-Mart where I would see people rushing trying to buy things and getting into petty arguments. My mom would get most of her Christmas shopping done and I would get all of mine done using was small amount of cash I had saved up. Sometimes she'd even get things for the house because it would be on sale. After doing all that My mom and I would go back home and it would only be around 10am. Since I no longer live with my mom, I often find myself missing those days since no one I live with now will go out that early and its no fun going by myself.
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misstmist Oct 17, 2010
My mom & I usually go out on black friday. I try to pick up the little things that I can afford. We had fun at one of the last ones. It was sleeting BRRRRR but we dealt with it. We got lunch with a couple of margaritas to warm us up. lol LOVE searching the black friday ads!
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vtownmom1 Oct 17, 2010
Two years ago my husband and I decided to spend Thanksgiving in Chicago. We were all prepared for Black Friday. We got up extra early and everything was prepared until he steped in the shower. We had forgotten razors. We had to improvise to shave his head. We missed black Friday. So now, we are prepared but his head is shaved well ahead of time. We hit the stores running and can always get good gifts for the kids. We anxiously await black friday every year.
kimeeb Oct 17, 2010
When my 4 kids were younger, we had very little money to spend on x-mas. I waited for hours in the freezing cold to buy playstation.....worth every minute when i saw there faces...
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clc408 Oct 17, 2010
I'll be shopping online for Black Friday deals.
phantom000 Oct 16, 2010
Oops, I totally forgot to add my email address to my previous comment for entry to win. Here it is:
ellis Oct 16, 2010
You don't need to leave your email address. I have deleted your email address.
phantom000 Oct 16, 2010
Things are tight this year for me as well as lots of others in this sucky economy. If I won, I would spend the gift card on my kids for Christmas , when I am out on Black Friday freezing my butt off in the cold at Walmart & or Target , so that I can get the best deals and make the most of the money I will be spending. Thanks for making it a whole lot better for the two winners!!
aviationnut Oct 16, 2010
This year, since I've been unemployed since January, I will be seriously looking forward to Black Friday for Christmas gifts. Since I'm buying more "practical" gifts this year, I'll probably start out at JC Penneys.
zaknafein922 Oct 16, 2010
lovva me some
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gsgcjar1 Oct 16, 2010
Black Friday has always been a tradition in our home. Thanksgiving day we spend browsing the sales ads and mapping out our plan for the next morning. We get up before day break and head to store #1 on our list. After hitting the main stores on our list it is off to breakfast then back out to shop some more. Then we head home for nap and then it is time for gift wrapping.
kjwobig Oct 16, 2010
I love Black Friday Bargins! With the economy the way it is, we all could use a little extra help! Get Giveaway!
Tina12312 Oct 16, 2010
Years ago my sister was pregnant and due any day and decided she wanted to go shopping on Black Friday. She wouldn't give up and kept on shopping and all day I had salespeople begging me to get her out of their stores. She was huge but ended up going over her due date by two weeks. Thank you!
2 likes vote
meeyeehere Oct 16, 2010
I am so excited!!!! 2 years ago I got the dvd player I wanted for only 20 something bucks!! NO LIE!! This year I want a blue ray player and I am hoping to get a great deal on one.
EyeBeeLeaveEwe Oct 16, 2010
I like Black Friday for the excitement, but usually do most of my real buying before Thanksgiving. It's fun to get out among all the people though. The crowds exhilarate me.
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Mtlgrl4evr Oct 16, 2010
Black Friday is a yearly tradition for my sister in law Sherry and me. We start planning our trip from online ads when they come out and start making our lists. She comes down to Florida from Georgia every year. The whole family goes to my mother in law's house for Thanksgiving. Sherry and I stay up late hanging out with the family and looking over all the ads and adding to our lists and deciding the order of stores we will go to. We spend the night at our mother in law's and get maybe one or two hours of sleep. We wake up around 4am, brush our teeth, get our coffee (that we programmed my mother in laws coffee pot to make so we can get out in 15 minutes) and head out. We shop at several stores and come home and take a nap around twelve and then spend the rest of the day with our families. I can't wait until Black Friday!
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maybaby522 Oct 16, 2010
I am actually heading out for my very first Black Friday this year. I usually work, so I don't get to go, but this year I am off. I am looking forward to browsing the ads on Thanksgiving Day and compiling my list. I am excited, but a little nervous too, as I am newbie to Black Friday shopping!
renee1070 Oct 16, 2010
target here i come!
Mattymatt Oct 16, 2010
Normally we throw a party but it's not so much in celebration of Black Friday but to keep us awake as long as possible. Then the last one up stays up until 4, wakes all the other roommates and we head out the door, teeth chattering and ready with our best long line standing poses.
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victory1 Oct 16, 2010
I am more of a Cyber Monday shopper nowdays, however I did brave the cold and the lines one year for video games several years ago. Yes, I was in line for several hours waiting for Target doors to open, and when they did, everyone rushed in heading over to the same area to enter a promotional contest Target was offering. I walked back to the games, picked up the ones I wanted, strolled over to the checkout, and was out of there in less than 10 minutes. :) Best wishes for shopping to everyone!
av53328 Oct 16, 2010
I once flew back form Europe on Thanksgiving day because that was the only flight with seats available. Needless to say because of the time difference, getting up the next day at 3am was easy for me since it was already 10 am in europe. I was zipping from store to store like a breeze and outshopped all the sleepy post turkey shoppers around me.
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barbieb Oct 16, 2010
We head out as a family - mom, sister and daughters. We enjoy the fun of getting up early and heading out as a family. One year my sister was leaving to go home to Florida the day after Thanksgiving. We got up early - headed out to find the deals. She left us around 9:00 to go to the airport. When she arrived home she called us - we were just arriving home ourselves with a car full of goodies. Nothing like fun family memories!
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agordon10 Oct 16, 2010
I remember sitting in line at 4 am in the freezing cold to get a WII for my kids.
EMMAHORTON Oct 16, 2010
eseberg Oct 16, 2010
I'll be going to Menards for batteries and not sure where else
kimshyanne Oct 16, 2010
I have never went out for Black friday. I am hoping this year I will be able to my friends and family have been after me for years to go. Work usually prevents me from doing much.
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gmissycat Oct 16, 2010
I love the Black Friday shopping spree but it is always cold outside waiting in line, don't know if I am going to make it this year or not.
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kcross2724 Oct 16, 2010
Best memory was going to Target last year to wait in line for my new TV. It was freezing cold, and got to Target at 12am. One of the best lines ever, the people were funny and kept me entertained, along with the girl whose number I got.
pdg725 Oct 16, 2010
I plan on shopping on Black Friday for a new flat screen tv for my niece to give to her for Hannukah!
sarasandy Oct 16, 2010
Neither snow or mountains or anything else kept us from getting up at four in the morning to travel an hour in the snowy mountains to get to the Black Friday sales in West Virginia. We had a ball!
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vielkapon Oct 16, 2010
i am playing from Honduras, i will be in USA for thanksgiving as will be amazing to have fun
akaricke Oct 15, 2010
All these horror stories of fighting crowds. It is so much easier to just sit back and get all the deals online. As BF approaches more and more BF deals are revealed. I plan to keep an eye on and Have a safe Black Friday everyone :D Thank you for the chance to win! :)
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ewalsh Oct 15, 2010
I will probably just hit Target and call it a day. I'm not a big Black Friday shopper. ewalsh40(at)gmail(dot)com
onestopshop Oct 15, 2010
no, for me no no black Friday is not for me because is to much people.
MrsGoossen Oct 15, 2010
I do not have great memories from Black Friday Deals. Everyone is so rude and pushy. It doesn't matter if you have a baby in your arms or stroller, they're pushing you out of the way! : ) This year i'll check the deals and go directly to those if i go and get home!
cdmtx65 Oct 15, 2010
my big plans are ... we need to find a great deal on a digital camera . ours is so old and shoots terrible pictures :( Thanks for the chance !
Lanieekat Oct 15, 2010
I love Black Friday, my daughter insists on going with me even if its 4 in the morning and she has done so since she was 6. We both love looking at the ads on Thanksgiving day and deciding where we are going first, and next, etc. Then I get up early make us both hot chocolate and hit the road. We have fun and get donuts as a treat when we need a break.
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iceman46222 Oct 15, 2010
This is a great idea.It will get people (shy)like me to try to post witch is a good idea.Yes getting up @ 3:00am to go stand in some unknown line with five thousand other people trying to get the 5 count them "FIVE" ipods on sale for $50.00 bucks each!!! all-right.But I will come away with something out of it, even if I don't know what it is yet, it will be great!
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Cameo27 Oct 15, 2010
A few years back, my daughter and I left the house at 2AM Friday thinking we would be one of the first ones in line. Surprise! The line was already a half a mile long when we got there. I had to call and wake up my son to bring a thermos of hot coffee. What's worse is the item we wanted was gone when we finally got in. Hope its better this year.
redy4u72 Oct 15, 2010
i've not had the opportunity to shop on black friday yet and winning a gift card would make it possible. boy, would that b great, i'd love to give nice presents and can't being on disability.
rthie330 Oct 15, 2010
Probably keeping the annual tradition of letting the wife have her midnight fun at the outlets (Gaffney, SC) followed by an early morning trip to Sears for some tools (especially if I have those 2 $200 gift cards).
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Augman Oct 15, 2010
Black Friday is the best. Finally I can afford some toys.
bluenude3 Oct 15, 2010
Favorite memory is entering to win Best Buys sweep last year for a limo and early access to store. Didn't win, but all the 'what-ifs' were fun to imagine. Personally, I have never been out on Black Friday and with all the great online deals, I just don't think its worth it to me. I stalk them though in case I ever come across one I can't live without. Thanks! Simone - thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com
bluenude3 Oct 15, 2010
Favorite memory is entering to win Best Buys sweep last year for a limo and early access to store. Didn't win, but all the 'what-ifs' were fun to imagine. Personally, I have never been out on Black Friday and with all the great online deals, I just don't think its worth it to me. I stalk them though in case I ever come across one I can't live without. Thanks! Simone - thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com
Frugalady Oct 15, 2010
This black Friday we plan on replacing our appliances!
debralu Oct 15, 2010
My oldest daughter & I will be up early to get the early bird prices & hopefully nab the best deals. We'll go out for breakfast then head back to my house and sleep for a couple hours. Then we'll get on the internet and search for great deals on items we still want to buy.
jjjbennett Oct 15, 2010
i plan to stay at home and do online shopping most likely at Amazon
barbaravinson Oct 15, 2010
Getting up at 3:00AM so I can be one of the first in line at Kohl's Black Friday event. Well I woke up to the heavy rain, that persisted throughout the early morning of the event. Standing in line, umbrella in hand but still getting wet. Once the doors opened the stampede was on throughout the store. I found the the items I wanted, and even had one person try to take one of the items from my basket when she thought I wasn't looking (it was the last item available). Needless to say, stayed in line to pay, then proceeded to the next Black Friday at Walmart, Best Buy, Macy's, JC Penney.....My morning was filled with the good shopping prices.
numanair Oct 15, 2010
Hoping to win...
kudosdeals Oct 15, 2010
wow... its amazing... I wish to get one....
TBHMods Oct 15, 2010
Wow I just joined this site and im already signing up for a give away. ROCKS
shabby Oct 15, 2010
Black Friday always brings a smile to my face. I had a very dear friend named Karen, she passed away a year ago leaving twin 11 year olds and an eight year old all boys. The first year I decided to go with Karen (the expert shopper) we brought lawn chairs, blankets and sat in line at our local Shopko store for a electronic thing for her boys. She had made a list for each of us so we would have a better chance to get everything. After all the "doorbuster" sales we went for breakfast, then it was back off to shop some more. I was tired but went along. After hours of shopping my husband called me to see if I was all right. Ever since that first time shopping with Karen it was a joke about how long I would be gone. Shabby
emplin Oct 15, 2010
me, love black friday.
brittchris1 Oct 15, 2010
I'll be shopping at Walmart, Khol's, Target, Sams Club and many more along with my new baby boy Asher!! He'll be my shopping buddy this year...that's why they make strollers!
aaplfan Oct 15, 2010
Online for me..I love viewing all the black friday ads weeks in advance...and planning out the best course of action to maximize my time/money/efforts! Thanks!
graywolfpack Oct 15, 2010
I'll be hitting Kohls this Black Friday, they have good deals anyways, but on Black Friday it is awesome
ekoshyun Oct 15, 2010
Think I'll be upgrading my computing stuff.. woot woot
rickpeggysmith Oct 15, 2010
One of my favorite memories is when my husband and I (before we had kids) got up so early on Black Friday & did most of our shopping. We waited long before the stores were opened and had a plan of which stores to hit first, according to the time the stores opened. We brought hot cocoa with us to keep warm and snuggled in blankets & camping chairs. We had so much fun talking to other people in line. We got some of the best buys compared to other years, including a nice game console for my nephew & a TV for hubby's niece. What a Christmas it turned out to be with the help of us shopping on Black Friday.
ljw_725 Oct 15, 2010
I am going to buy some Nike shoes and clothes.
Dayla14 Oct 15, 2010
My favorite black friday memory is from last year. We were waiting outside the Guess factory for 3 hours and they opened at midnight. We were first in line and it was freezing cold. When 11:30 came, one of the store clerks came to the door and unlocked it as if she was going to let us in early, and we got so excited. Only to find out that she was letting in another store clerk. We were so mad, and she laughed at us. But, then she said sorry and gave us a coupon to use at midnight when it opened. Which made me feel better. And I left the store with some great clothes and great deals.
xfd0008 Oct 15, 2010
Waited all evening and night to get a Wii since they were out of stock, and I had thought tax was 1% different... Needless to say I didn't have enough.
HotFusionMan Oct 15, 2010
I've never ventured out to shop on Black Friday but may this year just to have done it once!
jhlee36 Oct 15, 2010
Black Friday = the most wonderful time of the year
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kevin1979 Oct 15, 2010
I've never really participated in a Black Friday, but I definitely would this year if I had a $200 gift card.
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popmuse Oct 15, 2010
I was at a friends house one year when I couldnt go home and I got dragged to Ace hardware with her and her mom at 7 am for free flashlight! so odd!
gerry3112 Oct 15, 2010
susmitha Oct 15, 2010
i wish to buy a laptop or computer for my husband...
jsfriend0915 Oct 15, 2010
If I win I would like to contribute the gift for my first ever purchase of laptop. Best of luck to everyone. Thank you. : )
ArminVB Oct 15, 2010
Would the luck be on my side this time ? I'm deeply in need for this gift card .
ConVo_Info Oct 15, 2010
I have always wanted to go CHRISTmas shopping on Black Friday, but I'm usually running low on funds around that time. Winning the $200 gift cards would make it possible for me buy things for my family this year.
grandma5 Oct 15, 2010
It's been 3 years since I've hit the stores early, left me to stressed because of all the aggresive people. Perfer to kick back with my coffee, spend what I'd save on gas and food by staying home and shop online for the best deals.
chau226 Oct 15, 2010
A couple of years ago, my sister and I stayed in line for about 5 hours at Walmart to try and get a laptop that they had. Since we didn't have any money to buy any other laptops, and my sister needed a laptop for school, we were pretty desperate for it, and we only had 1 computer in the house. I was in 1 line, and my sister was at the other, and I didn't know where they had the laptops at. IF we had a cell phone at that time, we'd have no problems, since my sister knew, but I didn't because they didn't tell us in my line. I was close to where they had the laptop, so if I knew where it was, we would have gotten a laptop. I was disappointed, but that's the memory that I'd always remember for Black Friday.
chau226 Oct 15, 2010
A couple of years ago, my sister and I stayed in line for about 5 hours at Walmart to try and get a laptop that they had. Since we didn't have any money to buy any other laptops, and my sister needed a laptop for school, we were pretty desperate for it, and we only had 1 computer in the house. I was in 1 line, and my sister was at the other, and I didn't know where they had the laptops at. IF we had a cell phone at that time, we'd have no problems, since my sister knew, but I didn't because they didn't tell us in my line. I was close to where they had the laptop, so if I knew where it was, we would have gotten a laptop. I was disappointed, but that's the memory that I'd always remember for Black Friday.
jdkcc Oct 15, 2010
Will have a long vacation. Of course, after vacation, BIG shopping online.
ibdianem929 Oct 15, 2010
Online shopping for me. No patience for the wild mobs. Keeping my fingers crossed for a really low price on a good 32" tv for my bedroom.
keithketover Oct 15, 2010
I got a Sony LCD and PS3 for less than $900! One of the best purchases I have ever made!
zillionaire Oct 15, 2010
Getting a rather excellent TV for myself
Dave01568 Oct 15, 2010
My fav black Friday was last year when I got a DVD blueray because it was the last one
RndmMeow Oct 15, 2010
I found the first Cooking Mama shortly after its release for $10 while floating around the BF human sea (crowd just can't cover the magnitude of people) in Best Buy a few years ago. I still love it; I have no shame.
tanya76 Oct 15, 2010
Black Friday online browsing...possibly buying for me!
marky456 Oct 15, 2010
Every year ToysRUs has great deals on new toys for Black Friday. I intend to be there again this year.
juztten Oct 15, 2010
Eight years ago I almost got trampled when the mall opened two doors for the approximate 200 or so people waiting to get in. As soon as the doors were unlocked it was basically a stampede. I know one thing, I will NOT be revisiting that mall this Black Friday.
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butrfli16 Oct 15, 2010
I like the notices regarding black friday deals so I get the best savings on the gifts I want to purchase
TMotoz Oct 15, 2010
Black Friday is a great way to just have fun and get items with great deals.Last year I went to Fry's Electronics and got a nice new printer and cheap memory cards. I felt pretty accomplished, but my friend I went with stacked a cart full with electronics! After we finished with Fry's Electronics, we went to a warehouse black friday sale of our favorite clothing brand and got a year's worth of clothing. This year, we plan to do the same. Thank you for this opportunity!
joyce88 Oct 15, 2010
My Best memory on Black Friday is my mom and I standing in line over 6 hours in the cold weather waiting to get a doll for my granddaughter and mom wanted a little TV plus other gifts for the grandchildren. Unfortunately now I am disabled and don't get out much especially in the cold so I usually order online at midnight to get the presents. I am saying this because I wish I could be out in the cold with my mom and never thought at the age of 40, 10 yrs ago, that I would be disabled and unable to do the least little things in life and missing the most special times with my mom. Thanks and God Bless Joyce88
pinkie73 Oct 15, 2010
For some crazy reason I love going out on Black Friday to try and find deals. I ususally don't buy a lot that day...just enjoy looking. My most memorable, and definately not a favorite, would be going last year shopping with my Mother-in-law. Had a great day except on the end of the day I got a speeding ticket. :( Talk about a terrible ending to an exhausting and fun day. But ready to do it again this year---minus the speeding ticket. ;)
Mysterios Oct 15, 2010
I can't post a comment; something wroung with web-page!!!!
lcblcb Oct 15, 2010
Best memory of taking my dad to his first Black Friday at age 80 to WalMart's. He had seen tv coverage before but never experienced the early morning rush, the crowds, the size and scope of it all; didn't understand when I told him about it each year. Well, this time he was visiting and I was able to take both my mom and dad to this great sale. My dad has since passed away, but the memory of his surprised face that early, early Friday morning when we drove up to try to find a parking place at 4 am and had to park blocks away! - such a wonderful memory and brings laughter to my heart. He talked about it for months.
dachelle Oct 15, 2010
I'll never forget 2008 Black Friday, I had to turn in a final project for school, so when I got out about 9, my mom was already waiting for me so when we arrived to the mall there was plenty of people... we weren't looking for anything specific but good deals. Suddenly we saw a looong line at SONY so we decided to see what was it about, long story short I ended up with a pretty laptop (sigh). Too bad someone stole it months ago.. it might be time to get a new one!! Can't wait till Black Fridaaaaay!
APRILRA23 Oct 15, 2010
I have only shopped on Black Friday once. My husband and I were nearly killed trying to get a TV stand off of a pallet. Then I approached a toy and placed my hand on it, and a woman came up to me grabbed it, and began yelling about how she had gotten there first. I vowed to never go out on Black Friday ever again. We now do must of our shopping before October ends to get Christmas over and done with.
toonces1989 Oct 15, 2010
We travel for thanksgiving so getting out is tough. I'd be lost without the internet. I try to have ideas in mind and than I look for the best deals on line and click-click-click!!!
lovefoolme Oct 15, 2010
i will be shopping at my favorite stores Express and Forever21. I need to buy more clothes as fall is starting to commence and need to find warn clothes for when I go home
Bowler4Ever Oct 15, 2010
My new Black Friday tradition is to stay up all night on Thanksgiving and be out the door by 2:30am. If I don't have to work the 5am shift, I will do that. If I have to work then, I'll try to switch with someone else so I can do it! If i am unsuccessful, then I hit the malls the second I get out!
eseberg Oct 15, 2010
Every year Menards has a great deal on batteries for Black Friday, I intend to be there again this year.
Sundevil Oct 15, 2010
Last year we got an amazing deal at Target, the Acer Aspire One netbook for $200 plus a sleeve! Even half a year later it was still unbeatable. This year planning to keep an eye on the big screen TV, heard they will be discounted a lot.
JustineP Oct 15, 2010
We moved from NY to Florida and things have not been the way we have hoped. We have struggled with no jobs and sometimes no food in our house. Now we are finally working and slowly getting some of the things we need just to live on. Most of our stuff is still in storage in NY. So when they came me as the winner I want to go get 2 beds for our sons that have been sleeping on a futon matress on the floor for over a year. Nothing for me just to get them beds.
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salahuddin Oct 15, 2010
planing on getting a 48" LCD tv and when i win this gift card i will use it to make it even a better black friday. sorry guys they have a winner.
mochamae Oct 15, 2010
About five years ago I was working for wal-mart on black Friday. Back then they had pallets of stuff that they pulled to the floor about an hour before the sell. At each pallet they had associates to guard the pallets, before the sell. I was one of the lucky ones who was on guard. I was standing there trying to keep the customers off the stuff and when they said that it was time I was push and almost ran over by the customers to get at the stuff on my pallet. Then as I am getting out of the way two women started fighting (verbal). I oh course just walked away. I had already done more then my share of the drama. I will never work at a retail store again on black Friday.
ISOladder Oct 15, 2010
Every year my friend Oliver and I staked out with great anticipation, all the retail stores weeks before Black Friday. We are poor college students so we would go out and buy items on Black Friday and then resell it all on eBay. Two years ago in particular, the Entourage TV series was popular and discounted to 1/3 its original price. Once Black Friday occurred, I remember waiting outside of Best Buy listening to everyone rant on about how they were buying a new Laptop, computer, etc… while we were waiting to buy an excessive amount of TV on DVDs. Once the store opened, the area flooded with people while Oliver and I went straight to the DVD section. We completely unloaded the entire Entourage stand/shelf within 30 seconds. People couldn’t stop laughing at us. We told them we had a lot of family who loved Entourage. The manager was pretty upset about it and told us we could only buy one of each season. We just went back in line 7 times and purchased everything.
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realaud Oct 15, 2010
This Black Friday I'll just be looking for bargains for things I want. I don't need anything and my family does not exchange gifts for the holidays anymore, so anything I buy would be purely indulgent.
Mutalator Oct 15, 2010
For me Black Friday is just about trying to get the best deals that you can find, planning out a route with your friends or loved ones and having a great day. No stress or anything.
afialkowski Oct 15, 2010
As a kid I remember being at my Grandma's in Delaware looking at the ads on Thanksgiving day and making my Christmas list. As an adult, I go shopping every Black Friday. Last year I was in line at Toys R Us at 10 pm, doors opened at Midnight. While in there we were grid locked for 2 hours! You could not move and the line we were told to stand in to check out was the wrong line! That added on another 1 1/2 so when we finally got out of there, It was 3:30 AM! I scored all the things I wanted though!!!! Then went to Walmart and Kohl's. I then went to work and worked 8 hours! Very tiring, but so worth the deals!!!! Plan on doing it again this year!
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kodell Oct 15, 2010
My mom, sister, daughter, and friend from work each had "assignments" of what to go after in Staples the second we got in the door after standing outside in the cold for well over an hour. We still ended up standing in line for 1-1/2 hours but we got our stuff! The following Monday another co-worker brags that he and his wife got the same stuff from Staples from the comfort of their living room via laptop! I'm all about the Black Friday Internet shopping now. My mom and I stay at my sister's, laptops in hand, and shop all night.
susmitha Oct 15, 2010
It is wonderful deal because we can do more shopping
Chucke4711 Oct 15, 2010
I remember when Tickle Me Elmo came out. My little brother wanted one desperately. My mom wanted to get him one, but she had recently been in an accident, and couldn't go to the store. So, being the good big brother/son I am, I went and camped out for 13 hours to make sure I got to the store to get one for him on Black Friday. I don't remember what I got that christmas, but I remember the look on my little bro's face when he opened that little, giggling furball. It was awesome. Hope I win :D
susmitha Oct 15, 2010
it's good to share my black friday story..last year me and my husband went to kohls and walmart stores..i found one sewing machine and one dinner set.the sewing machine was on the top of the shelf and i am looking for somebody's help..but i couldn't get it..finally we found one step stool(kind of a thing )and got that... when we think about that day we feel funny..we got the dinner set easily but we heard a sound that is one of the piece broken ;-) This year we are planning to go to the walmart and macys,kohls,gap,old navy stores early in the morning and get the super deals.. i wish to shop on black friday in a bigger way... Thank you for reading my big story -S- and
onlineshopper189 Oct 15, 2010
I've never shopped during Black Friday before, so I can't share a memory. But this year, I plan on heading to Walmart early for the deals (they're the only big store around), and monitoring dealsplus and for the online deals. I've got my eye on a LCD TV, PS3, and new laptop.
wannabecool Oct 15, 2010
I used to wait patiently in the freezing cold for stores to open in the wee hours of the morning, fighting the onslaught of crowds to get the best deals. But last year I was able to get better deals just hanging out on this site avoiding both the cold and the crowds! Although there is something nostalgic about waiting hours on end with others to save a few bucks, I think I am going to keep a close eye on the deals posted on this site staying warm inside the comfort of my own apartment! Looking forward to it! Thanks!
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Cupcake256 Oct 15, 2010
My best BF's were when I worked 3rd shift and would leave immediately after work to shop!
lfiscal Oct 15, 2010
Hopefully stores start carrying 3D Blu-Rays. I'm planning on buying some of those, as awesome as the 3D tvs are there is no content for them now.
My3Sons33 Oct 15, 2010
This year, I plan to get up early enough to be at at least one store opening, to get the best deals. Preferably, Target. I always have good intentions, but end up being late.
TheJammer Oct 15, 2010
I will be shopping at walmart as well as electronic stores. A new TV for the 'rents would be nice, as well as some accessories for an awesome birthday gift from my friends: a Sony XPlod car in-dash receiver that I just got. :-D
kidqwik Oct 15, 2010
Usually Black Friday involves waiting in lines to get in the store, sometimes over night, cups of coffee or hot choclate to help keep you warm outside waiting for the store to open, and then being crushed against people as they run for the best deal items before they're all gone. This year I hope to do most of this shopping online, buuuuut. You have to admit, the Black Friday instore madness is kinda fun in a weird way, right? :-b
qdnguyen05 Oct 15, 2010
I just bought a house this summer. I don't have a TV, sofa or dinning set yet. So I really need to do some serious BLACK FRIDAY shopping. I plan to shop at BestBuy and Ikea. Thanks.
countrygirl367 Oct 15, 2010
I'll be shopping at Walmart & Toys R Us on Black Friday!!! Please let me win a gift card!!! I sooo need it!!!
tunococ Oct 15, 2010
I reached Gilroy Premium Outlet around 2am. The traffic was terrible! Almost every shop was so crowded that I didn't want to get in line to pay for the item I found. Well, there were some shops that were less crowded, but they were for a reason, their discounts weren't good. I ended up spending $3 for a Quiksilver t-shirt. Anyway, I kinda enjoyed the whole experience. The outlet looked lively. The only bad thing was that I was half-dead the next day. But this year I'll still be going to a Black Friday sale, not sure where though.
mikechine Oct 15, 2010
I am planning on shopping online this year. Last couple years have been crazy. Saw a few old ladies get trampled at a Walmart. Saw two adults fighting over a laptop at best buy (she wouldn't let go of my laptop). Anyway, I think it's best for society if I stay in unless there is some uber deal. Than I'll line up like always.
thatchick Oct 15, 2010
My most memorable Black Friday was when I had returned from England and went to stay with my sister, we planned for Black Friday by deciding where we wanted to go, and what everyone was going to buy. Rather then go in a group, we all spread out to get the items we wanted, and finish fast, which we did. It was the best Black Friday ever, and it taught me that on a day like Black Friday, it's best to plan it, so there is less stress, less fighting, and quicker finish.
grajasekar Oct 15, 2010
I'll be looking out for the best deals on Amazon!
gangstabarbie Oct 15, 2010
black friday- my friends & I drove to upstate new york. there were long lines literally for every store. We cut all the lines for all the stores and customers cursed at us. One customer was so upset, he threw my friend on the ground and locked him in on a wrestling move. we were sent home and banned from shopping there. atleast we got a cheap pair of sneakers from NIKE for $20 =)
tunococ Oct 15, 2010
You were terrible :P
kareepye Oct 15, 2010
One year, I really wanted a new TV, so I got in line at my local Walmart the day after Thanksgiving. After surviving the pushing to get inside, without a cart I grabbed a 19 inch TV (a big old heavy one not a flat panel), a VCR then a crockpot for my mom. I have no idea how I managed to make it to the cashier and to this day, I don't know how I carried all of that stuff, because I have no strength at all. It's funny to think back and remember what I did for a bargain.
tmcelmurry Oct 15, 2010
It has always been somewhat of a tradition with me to hit the Black Friday deals. Back in the mid 90's I started this with a few friends of mine while I was working for Wal-Mart. As a front end manager I was always tasked with working the early morning rush and helping to plan ahead with our staff to make sure we had adequate coverage for the front. Well let me tell ya Black Friday's can and will get ugly. I've saw more fights, and just plain hateful attitudes during those hours of the morning then any other time of the year....and the customers weren't very nice either. :) Well after I left Wal-Mart and graduated College and got married, I would try to convince my wife to go out with me. Having seen the retailers side of those mornings I knew what to expect and how to handle a lot of the hot items. Well I never could convince her to go, so once again I reached out to my band of brothers and we would start around 3:30am picking up flyers, etc. from all the stores we were interested in. Well as the years went on and online ads became more and more the mainstream we found stalking our prey became easier. As years have rolled by, I've finally convinced my in-laws to join me on my quests and we have always been able to split up and get some wonderful deals. But we still always felt rushed there at the last minute, usually planning until midnight the night before, sleeping 2 hours then pounding the pavement the next day. Thanks to sites like ya'lls I've been able to plan some places 2 weeks in advance, which has made stalking those elusive bargains ever so easier. This Black Friday, if the fates smile on me, I'll probably be hunting down a Flat Screen TV. We've not upgraded our 10+ year old set yet, just waiting for a great deal, and I'm hoping with the increase of supply and the ever changing technology that this year will be the year. *Fingers Crossed*
bobbysgeel Oct 15, 2010
Had so much fun with my sister on Black Fridays...we'd get up at 3:00 a.m. & go to McDonald's 1st for coffee to help us wake up. Then we'd hit all the stores ...waiting in line with our foldup chairs & blankies. I lost my sister 3 yrs ago..Black Fridays just haven't been the same without her. But I still go in memory of her.
gabemstr Oct 15, 2010
It's not my favorite Black Friday memory, but one of the only ones I remember. Black Friday 2006. I went to Best Buy with my family, and we were shocked that the line looped all the way around the store. We bought our first digital camera (a Kodak). We were in line for 3 hours. My dad got mad and said that we're never going out on Black Friday again and that the next time we want something, we'll buy it for full price. time > saving money, which makes sense. Ever since that day, I've never been out on Black Friday. :|
PhreakPhantasia Oct 15, 2010
Pretty awesome! :D
tattedgrl Oct 15, 2010
my favorite black friday memories.. getting up super early and waiting in line with my favorite niece.. laughing, giggling and having a great time just hanging out with her before the doors even open.. i
ugchoc Oct 15, 2010
I remember the winding lines at Old Navy and the rush to go from one store to the next in as little time as possible so that we could get all the deals. I wish Black Friday happened more than once a year!
ramesra Oct 15, 2010
Last year I wanted to get a netbook on black friday, I found one and I got such a great deal on it that I bought two of them!
twinkle1014 Oct 15, 2010
Last year was my very 1st Black Friday shopping and it was OMG horrible! The lines were crazy and hectic and i was half drunk from my Thanksgiving Feast lol.
amybyrd21 Oct 15, 2010
My favorite Black Friday was when we were younger. We would go to my Aunts house for Thanksgiving. She had us spend the night and we would take her list the next day and be at certain stores when they opened. She would wrap up her shopping in one day with the whole families help.
Helena_Rico Oct 15, 2010
I want a $200 gift card! This Black Friday I’ll be shopping at Amazon or Walmart!
babydest Oct 15, 2010
I'm hitting up all the stores....and hiding the receipt from hubby....
babydest Oct 15, 2010
starkeee Oct 15, 2010
Cool contest -- I'm planning to shop online-only for Black Friday, probably for a home theatre system...
lavendertr Oct 15, 2010
I will be surfing the net looking for bargains for electronics, clothing and travel.
kshahk Oct 15, 2010
Great, Thanks for the opportunity.
vigilantism Oct 15, 2010
Awesome giveaway idea.
escranta Oct 15, 2010
I can't wait for ads to start coming out. I'm looking for ipods touches, and other teenage boys gadgety stuff! :)
oasis789 Oct 15, 2010
I'll be shopping at Target, Amazon and Bestbuy!
devexityspace Oct 15, 2010
Last year was my first Black Friday experience. I originally went to the stores I planned on going to and tried to choose my items and place them all in 1 area hidden away. I thought I could plan it out perfectly and hit multiple stores (hah!). I left the house at 2AM and was at Kohls at 3AM right before they opened and managed to get after a 10 minute wait in line. The items I stowed away the day before was still there and I grabbed them up only to find that they also placed new stuff out in the aisles (so grabbed even more).. Waited in line in the store for 20 minutes to finally check out and my total came to $221.19 for well over 450$ worth of stuff (Down Comforter, 2 Tempurpedic Pillows that are fricken awesome, 2 quesadilla makers that I believe were discounted to 8.99 and some other random items).. Immediately following that we went to Best Buy to find that the line was 100 meters long outside the door. We stood in line and noticed the line wasn't moving.. Come to find out Best Buy was only allowing so many people in at once. While we were waiting there were people outside the line cooking on a grill in the back of their pick up truck and selling burgers, steaks, etc. Did I mention it felt like it was 20 below zero? Anyways after 2 hours waiting in line (and the sun coming up), we managed to get inside to see a ransacked Best Buy. There was a line in the store wrapped around specifically for Laptops and then the normal cash registers were also backed up pretty far. After looking around and noticing MOST of the good stuff had been snatched up, I managed to find a Wireless HP Printer Scanner Copier for 49.99 (originally 129.99).. I love the printer as the INK is cheap to buy and the prints look great. Despite the freakishly cold weather last year and the long wait times. I will be doing it all over again this year. (I can't help it, I can't pass good deals) I hope to get some xmas presents and buy myself a new 65'' 600hz Plasma TV from Best Buy for under 2000. *crosses fingers* and a $200 gift card from would definitely help :)
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vibhavir Oct 15, 2010
Dealspl is the best out of all,easy to follow and reliable,I appreciate all the good work. I want to win this ,I am desperate this time,all year long we wait for this,now not much options,thanks again
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ASHLEYWHITE Oct 15, 2010
I wanna, win! I love my "BF" This year we will be taking tyneol pm and sleeping right after dinner, bring warm clothes and coffee, camping at toys r u. out side I was thinking about driving to OR. (no sales tax) and camping at the toys r us there b.c they have like a awning so we don't get rained on this year.
stpetetigger Oct 15, 2010
Last year was my first try to shop on Black Friday since I have been married. It went really well and ended up with a GPS for dirt cheap by matching ads at Wal-Mart. It was so worth the LONG wait for it and the bike when my husband opened up his presents on Christmas day. Best advice - match ads and go brave wal-mart!
brownatural Oct 15, 2010
I never forgotten the time I was 9 months pregnant, YES, 9 months out there trying to shop till I was due to deliver (litterally). I mean I woke up EARLY on Black Friday trying to make sure I got all of the gifts and baby items that I could, b/c I knew I wouldn't have had time, the money, nor the energy if I waited or put it off. I went to a Walmart and found myself fighting over tvs, of all things. LOL I ended up getting the tv and many of other things. Well hours later my water burst and I went to the hospital that night. I felt good and was totally healthy before and afterwards and accomplished all that I needed. All in all a good luck day!
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sharleena69 Oct 15, 2010
I remember standing in line at Target forever and finally got into the store and everyone was running to electronics to get their items that they wanted....on the way there a lady knocked over a vase and it shattered on the floor. She just kept running. Hopefully she got her item. I was just after a Gameboy for my daughter which they had plenty off. I think it is just fun watching everything people go thru just to get what they want!!!
mnvikings11 Oct 15, 2010
We have 2 special needs kids, 12 & 2, so just getting through the day them and having a Iraq war disabled veteran is hard to get through the holidays.
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dreamin2win Oct 15, 2010
I will be shopping @ Wal-Mart this year on Black Friday!
naenaeelizabeth Oct 15, 2010
we have a wall-mart thats open 24 hours what they do is allow us in to the store and then they have every thing wrapped up and you go and stand by the stuff you want and at 5:00 they release every thing and the adrenaline is so high you talk to every one and have a great time till 5 then you grab and grab. I remember one year with those cabbage patch dolls I grabbed all 4 of them and when i looked back nothing was left. Can't wait to do it again this year.
sparkie Oct 15, 2010
last year, my church had a ministry opportunity where the youth group could come to out local target and we were handing out free hot chocolate and coffee. it was fun to serve others in that way, as well as keep them warm.
nimrodboy3 Oct 15, 2010 story...i was thinking of story..all's a story.. this was back in the day..i lived in LA..i flew up to SF to visit my gf..who lived in SF...she wanted to go to Gilroy to the Coach outlet..which she was into at that time. so we all went..a bunch of gals..and what happened? i ended up staying in the long line for about 2 hours before the store myself..while the girls went to go shop at other stores that were already was freeeeezing...i was alone...and in a line...for a store that i didn't want to go into...but do crazy things for people you care about... what's also a bit messed up..was that my dad wanted to buy a new tv..but i told him i'd leave LA to fly up north..and i think i ended up helping my gf's mom buy a tv instead...i felt like a trader..but didn't mean dad ended up getting a tv still with the help of my all was well..but yeah..still..
nimrodboy3 Oct 15, 2010
by the way..if i recall lately..i didn't get anything for myself :(..
wjjsj7 Oct 15, 2010
I remember showing up at Best Buy on Black Friday at around 5am thinking that would be early enough to get my item. The line was outrageous. So as I waited for all the overnight people to enter I finally was allowed to go in. Funny, the item I wanted was still available and I didn't have to spend the night there! Yes!!!!!!
swalbers Oct 15, 2010
I remember several years ago (around 2001-2002), standing in line at BestBuy in Des Moines, IA. The early bird special was the "new" George Foreman grill... and people couldn't get enough of them. Of course, I ended up with one... as the Cashier line was about 100 people long. If I paid $1.00 for each time I used it, I'm not sure if I would've broken even. I think they are still being sold, but haven't seen one in anyone's kitchen for a few years (at least).
zeroentropy Oct 15, 2010
I plan to buy lots of goodies for our FIRST BABY!!!
nimrodboy3 Oct 15, 2010
awesome..oh man..i still remember when you all first tried the site out..and there were introduction videos. they looked a bit low budget..but they were funny. it was dark..and there was a bit of shakiness in the cam..but man they were funny. keep it up guys. throughout the years..i've seen the site and company grow..good stuff. DEALS!
mastergreg Oct 15, 2010
mastergreg Oct 15, 2010
oh yeah, I just plan on working and probably slipping out at lunch to try to catch some deals and maybe get some stuff online.
formagic Oct 15, 2010
Cool.. another great giveaway!!!