13 Ways Americans Throw Away Money

We waste a whole lot of money. Seriously, over half a trillion dollars each year—and that's just for areas with available data.

So what counts as a waste of money? We included fines, bad investments like lottery tickets, and unhealthy consumption items like cigarettes and alcohol. We're not telling you how to live your life—but we are identifying costs that everyone should consider cutting.
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What's the matter?
Nerivajoop1620 Oct 02, 2012
Nice article, I too agree with some of these.
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glwrks Oct 02, 2012
Agree with most, but chocolate!? Geez...I can go all day on a chocolate bar;)
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bbattag Oct 02, 2012
Interesting article. Though many of us wouldnt consider some of those categories "waste"
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krmills1 Oct 02, 2012
What else are we gonna do with it, you may as well enjoy life while you can, you can't take the money with you when you die!! :)
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chuckydealpl Oct 02, 2012
absolutely! i'm in total agreement.
ArtemisDeals Oct 02, 2012
LoL... everyone wastes money on items that they dont need but its enjoyable. I am guilty of more than a few of these :P
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chuckydealpl Oct 02, 2012
spending $ on awesome deals that i may not necessarily need on this site would be on my list :)
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shimisi Oct 02, 2012
LoL. Yes, if this article was written by one of us, that would definitely be on the list.
Christine Oct 02, 2012
oh boyyy....it's sad how much money we all waste
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arsiel Oct 02, 2012
Uhoh... Casinos, lottery tickets, candy... O_o Though casinos aren't really an issue :P
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FibroMom Oct 02, 2012
Good article! Gives you a LOT to think about! Thank you for sharing this with us. :)
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zoneric Oct 02, 2012
not only Americans throw away money on alcohol and cigarettes. everyone does it. And I'm one of them :D
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hemalaa Oct 02, 2012
I agree. Really there is no geographic boundary for that.
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