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TouchPad too Slow? Increase its performance for Free!
TouchPad too Slow? Increase its performance for Free!
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Quickly and easily speed up your TouchPad by turning the logging level down to minimal. You will see a noticeable increase in speed. The website lists how to do this on webOS 3.0, here are some slight modifications for 3.0.2:

1. Go to Settings, Device Info
2. Touch Device Info in the upper left corner and touch Custom Application...
3. type ##5647#
4. A pop up will appear (change logging levels)
5. Touch "Set Logging to Minimum"
6. Confirm
7. Enjoy your faster Touchpad!!

There are ways to turn off logging completely for added speed and even overclock the touchpad for a larger speed boost. You can easily find these with a web search.
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