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thank you for your answer, deal Gangstabarbie! Yes, CNN is really wonderful, i always notice its news.
posted by Cherry123 | Sep 18, 2012 | Cherry123's Comment Wall
Haha thanks but she's not mine! She's my sisters :P
posted by arsiel | Sep 06, 2012 | arsiel's Comment Wall
Hi Barbie, how are you? I have been so inactive on here lately that been out of touch! Work is driving me nuts...
How have you been?
posted by Florida2Texas | Aug 11, 2012 | Florida2Texas's Comment Wall
Deal gangstabarbie, thank you for your advice, a few years later when my children come, I'll take them to have swimming lessons first. Haha, thank you!
posted by Cherry123 | Aug 01, 2012 | Cherry123's Comment Wall
Must be rough to be a gangsta and a barbie huh??? ;)
posted by rockinnrolla | Jul 19, 2012 | rockinnrolla's Comment Wall
Thanks for brightening people's days with your entertaining comments. Keep it gangsta'!
posted by shimisi | Jun 30, 2012 | shimisi's Comment Wall
Hi, *#&(why are you following me ???!!! &#*$
Ha ha kidding . I'm Pete am people think I'm crazy. I love your bipolar tee shirt!
Your pup is a cutie. My baby is Shelby. She's a 13 y.o. yellow lab. I'll put some pics up on my profile page.
Why don't you step into my manic world - it's like me . . . a work.IB progress
See ya later, Pete
posted by petros | May 15, 2012 | petros's Comment Wall
Thanks for your sharing so many good deals.
posted by ouhu11 | May 08, 2012 | ouhu11's Comment Wall
Love your name gangstabarbie. What inspired it?
posted by charonne2012 | Apr 27, 2012 | charonne2012's Comment Wall
It is a great tutorial! I will give it another try you've convinced me! =D
posted by heyimdennise | Apr 21, 2012 | heyimdennise's Comment Wall
Hello. Thank you for your nice comment on my Cheapest Days to Travel article. You rock.
posted by lilywow | Apr 21, 2012 | lilywow's Comment Wall
lols! I'll swap you with my husband then. He says I'm gonna make him fat ;)
posted by VirginiaPeanuts | Apr 21, 2012 | VirginiaPeanuts's Comment Wall
Nope. The profile pic is Ash from Army of Darkness. Its a comedy/horror classic. I can provide some Youtube links...but most have language and I dunno how easily your offended. :-)
posted by nthsll | Apr 19, 2012 | nthsll's Comment Wall
Thanks for the follow! Chloe is such a cutie! I would spoil her too :)
posted by VirginiaPeanuts | Mar 01, 2012 | VirginiaPeanuts's Comment Wall
Forgot to say "Thank You" =)
posted by Tendinbar | Mar 01, 2012 | Tendinbar's Comment Wall
I also love your screen name but...LOVE your picture's too! I have a Toy Yorkie by the name of Nevaeh..Heaven... spelled backword's. She's My Baby! ;)
posted by Tendinbar | Mar 01, 2012 | Tendinbar's Comment Wall
Cute dog and great deals
posted by charonne2012 | Feb 18, 2012 | charonne2012's Comment Wall
Thanks for your nice comment on my wall Barbie :) you just made a special fan for yourself too!
posted by Florida2Texas | Feb 04, 2012 | Florida2Texas's Comment Wall
Fantastic DEALS! + FOllowing! Nice NAME BTW!
posted by Bkosstype | Aug 04, 2011 | Bkosstype's Comment Wall
Love your screen name! Had to become a fan, lol!
posted by daisydeadpetals | Mar 04, 2011 | daisydeadpetals's Comment Wall
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