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A few years ago I was punk and it was all in my blood to think "the more people don't know you and what you are doing, the more punk and underground you are". I grow up (a bit or a bit more smile), found my belief in Jesus, and realize real world is not like this and serious things and achievement don't come with such a philosophy.

I'm Christian and I believe I'm blessed. Be blessed too!

I'm open for development, achievement, bisiness projects, consulting, etc.

So, I am young, creative and fresh new in the bizz with many ideas for current and future development in the sphere of:

* Web Marketing;
* Search Engine Optimization - SEO;
* Customer Relationship Management Systems - CRM;
* Social Media Optimization - SMO;
* Linkbait;
* Blogging;
* Content Writing/Copywriting;

Being in the process of improving user experience, global visibility and brand popularity through design and technology.

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