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well i am a very smiley person. i luv free stuff. and i like to give my comments over stuff if i like or dislike it. owh and am going to go to college either for Computer Programer, IT, or Radiologist. am an outgoing person :)

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If a wimpy guy has access to a gun and gets pissed that people are picking on him - does he show up to the fight with or without the gun?
The gun by itself does not kill, hence whoever takes advantage of your "deal" will kill themselves just because.
Why? Maybe they want to seem older, cooler, or just think it will make them lose weight.
Either way there are other less risky ways to achieve your goals without developing an addiction that eventually leads to pot and heroin. If you want to post more deals, try hanging around Amazon and Ebay, that's where I find my stuff and I won't be posting for awhile.
posted by wiredxchange | Jun 06, 2010 | wiredxchange's Comment Wall


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